Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Phantom Patriot Retro Cinema Episode 2: Assault on Area 51 is Online!

Heroes in the Night Author Tea Krulos Co-stars in Episode, Reveals New Book Project
Behind the scene photo: Phantom Patriot and G'nik confront Illuminus in Area 51

Welcome to rare new post on the Heroes in the Night blog. While working on my book Heroes in the Night, I was introduced to a person named Richard McCaslin aka the Phantom Patriot, who has an interesting life story I thought would make a good book in itself. It's been an exercise in patience-- I've slowly been working on this book since 2010. There is still a way to go, but it is getting there. 

I decided one thing I needed was a trip down to Nevada, where Richard now lives, so I could visit him in his home environment. I asked if there was anything in particular he'd like to do when I visited, and he mentioned shooting an action packed script he had written, with myself as a co-star (along with actor extraordinaire G'nik and villain Illuminus). I was game, and the result is the following video, which I am told will be an official selection at the High Desert Film Festival in Pahrump, Nevada. Exciting stuff!

You can watch the episode on YouTube HERE.


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