Friday, September 7, 2012

Thanatos Dropping In: FOLLOW UP

Thanatos in training.

Back in February I reported on Vancouver RLSH Thanatos' plan to raise funds for the Easter Seals charity. Thanatos raised the $1600 in contributions to allow him to rappel down the side of a twenty story building in downtown Vancouver on September 11. He'll be wearing his green skull mask and Thanatos gear, of course.

To prepare, he's been practicing his rappelling skills. As we all know from the old Adam West Batman show, this is a key art of the costumed superhero.

"To those who have helped me make my goal, I say a grateful thank you on behalf of some special kids who will benefit from this," Thanatos says.

Thanatos is the star of one of the chapters of my upcoming book, Heroes in the Night. The chapter is titled "The Man in the Green Skull Mask."