Thursday, December 31, 2009

HERO PROFILE #5: Runebringer

Photo by Tea Krulos

Operates out of:Waterbury, CT

Mission: Runebringer describes himself as an“empowerment activist and RLSH." He says that his mission is "to save/ improve the world by helping people become empowered, fulfilled, and happy by providing tools people can use to improve themselves, their lives, and their world.”

Armed with:Runebringer has developed his own runeset, each with their own meaning. He describes these runic figures as "mental vitamins."

Quote: (Describing the runes on the chest of his coat)“The four I have on my chest represents power of awareness, power of choice, power of action, and power of example, and everybody has that. That is the idea I try to get to people, that everyone should unlock their own power and make the world a better place.”


Author's notes: One of the fascinating things about this movement is the mixture of very old ideas and new ideas. A good example is Runebringer's runeset, a combination of a runic alphabet that dates back to approx. 150 AD and the teachings of motivational speaker/ self help guru Jack Canfield. The result of this combination is a digital age runeset appropriate for 2010.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WHAT'S THE WORD? 56,500!

Here's an official word count update. Currently have approx. 56,500 words!
I'm projecting approx. 80- 85,000 words, so you can see some major progress has been made. Chapters 1-7 look pretty solid in a first draft, and the chapters after that are in various stages of completion. Chapter 8, for example is going to be one of the longest chapters of the book, and I've barely gotten a start on it, but Chapter 9 about 95 percent done.

I still have a few more interviews I'd like to see done, and there is a couple of road trips I'd like to get in to make the content that much better. For example, if there is any way I can make it work, I'd like to go to Vancouver late February, and I'd still like to take a long weekend trip to New York and Philadelphia. There is also potential for short trips to LA and Salt Lake City.

So, there is still quite a lot to do, but it's nice to see everything take a more solid form.
The bear went over the mountain! Progress!

HERO PROFILE #4: Razorhawk

Photo by Paul Kjelland

Operates out of: The Twin Cities of Minnesota
Group affiliation:Leads the Great Lakes Heroes Guild(GLHG)
Current activities: Safety patrols, charity events. Razorhawk also operates the business which helps design and construct real life superhero costumes. Razorhawk is also a former wrestler.
Favorite wrestling moves: His own patented throat punch, and standards like the leg drop and the sidewalk slam
Quote: "If we don't do it, who will?"

Additional author notes: Razorhawk and the Great Lakes Heroes Guild recently raised a lot of funds for a toy drive, and split the funds to buy toys for charities in Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, along with sending some funds to their RLSH friends in Zephyrhills, Florida. All the toys were delivered by the heroes in person.
In Minneapolis the crew was Razorhawk, Geist, Celtic Viking, and Shadowflare, and Razorhawk says it took all four to deliver the goods.
"We got some cool toys too, not just the cheapy little stuff." Razorhawk reports.

The Great Lakes Heroes Guild is "Deeds not words," and this deed efforts has likely made some kid's holiday season a little bit more merry.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


(L-R, Beau Shay Monde, Civitron, Basilisk. Photo by Mike Pecci/ Boston Phoenix)

Move over, Clark Kent. All over New England, mild-mannered citizens are suiting up and doing their part to play the hero.

THWAK! I swing with my right fist, trying to connect with my opponent's face. In a smooth motion, he deflects my punch with his forearm, which is protected with a black and metallic-plastic arm gauntlet. I swing with my left fist, and am again knocked away effortlessly. I can see my reflection in his sunglasses, framed in white. He smiles and smoothes out his red and white spandex shirt — adorned with a letter "C," a flame shooting out of the top — and then crouches into a fighting stance.

"Oh, no," I think. "I'm about to get my ass kicked by a Lycra-wearing superhero."

This non-caped crusader goes by the name of Civitron, and lucky for me, our combat is not a battle royale to the death. Rather, we are sparring at Rebelo's Kenpo Karate, in New Bedford, where Civitron has trained under sensei Joseph "Kenpo Joe" Rebelo on and off for more than 10 years. We aren't alone.

HERO PROFILE #3: Civitron

Mad Owl (foreground) and Civitron
Photo by Mike Pecci/Boston Phoenix

Operates out of: New Bedford, MA aka "Secret City"
Group affiliation: Starting a non-profit New Bedford chapter of Superheroes Anonymous
Current Activities: Safety patrols, charity work, litter pick ups.
Heir apparent: Kid Civitron aka Mad Owl
Karaoke song of choice: "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol
Quote: "Civitron translates as 'instrument of the people' which can mean a lot, revolutionary, freedom fighter and I mean I am in my own little way. But most important is communicating with people individually and directly. And hopefully in a smaller direction I can push my ideas for humanity that will help people realize their power, and help people to use their talent to help change the world in little ways."

Additional author notes: I wrote an article for the Boston Phoenix this week about RLSHs of New England: Recluse, Basilisk, Slapjack, with a couple others mentioned. A main focus, though, was Civitron.
I got to meet Civitron at Superheroes Anonymous 3 and interviewed him several times by phone. He is just a great guy, very positive, down to earth, and excited about what he does. In addition, I think one of the great aspects of his story is the incredible support he has from his mom, his partner Jennifer, his son, Kid Civitron (aka Mad Owl), his niece Beau Shay Monde, his fellow RLSHs, his sensei Joe Rebelo, and friends like Tem Blessed. And that is just the short list!
Civitron is clearly an inspiration to those around him, and that is truly heroic.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

HERO PROFILE #2: Captain Ozone

Photo courtesy Captain Ozone

Current Location: Belfast, Ireland
Status: Active since 1989. Currently planning the Green Power Rally for July 31, 2010
Mission: Raising awareness on renewable energy, endangered species, and ecological art

Weapons: The toilerang
Quote: “Well, to avert the Petroleum Wars, we must start building a nationwide, green power infrastructure immediately and have it completed within the next 20 years. This commitment will cost the world approximately a trillion dollars or more over the next two decades, but we have no choice – either Green Power, or World War III.”
Website: (includes half hour documentary)
Additional author's notes: I've gotten a chance to interview the Captain by e-mail a couple of times, and I salute his message. If we do not get serious about renewable energy, our planet will be beyond saving, even by a superhero.