Thursday, December 31, 2009

HERO PROFILE #5: Runebringer

Photo by Tea Krulos

Operates out of:Waterbury, CT

Mission: Runebringer describes himself as an“empowerment activist and RLSH." He says that his mission is "to save/ improve the world by helping people become empowered, fulfilled, and happy by providing tools people can use to improve themselves, their lives, and their world.”

Armed with:Runebringer has developed his own runeset, each with their own meaning. He describes these runic figures as "mental vitamins."

Quote: (Describing the runes on the chest of his coat)“The four I have on my chest represents power of awareness, power of choice, power of action, and power of example, and everybody has that. That is the idea I try to get to people, that everyone should unlock their own power and make the world a better place.”


Author's notes: One of the fascinating things about this movement is the mixture of very old ideas and new ideas. A good example is Runebringer's runeset, a combination of a runic alphabet that dates back to approx. 150 AD and the teachings of motivational speaker/ self help guru Jack Canfield. The result of this combination is a digital age runeset appropriate for 2010.

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