Thursday, December 3, 2009

HERO PROFILE #2: Captain Ozone

Photo courtesy Captain Ozone

Current Location: Belfast, Ireland
Status: Active since 1989. Currently planning the Green Power Rally for July 31, 2010
Mission: Raising awareness on renewable energy, endangered species, and ecological art

Weapons: The toilerang
Quote: “Well, to avert the Petroleum Wars, we must start building a nationwide, green power infrastructure immediately and have it completed within the next 20 years. This commitment will cost the world approximately a trillion dollars or more over the next two decades, but we have no choice – either Green Power, or World War III.”
Website: (includes half hour documentary)
Additional author's notes: I've gotten a chance to interview the Captain by e-mail a couple of times, and I salute his message. If we do not get serious about renewable energy, our planet will be beyond saving, even by a superhero.

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