Thursday, October 25, 2012

HERO PROFILE #94: Crimson Canuck

Operates out of: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Team affiliation: Trillium Guards of Ontario

Activities: Patrols, homeless handouts, charity events

Current missions: "This weekend I'll be doing the "Superhero Walk" with Matthew House Windsor, a program that helps refugees who escape to Canada.

On Halloween I'm teaming up with Rogue Gallery Comics (a local comic book store) to go to a local hospital and hand out comic books and goodies to children who can't trick-or-treat."

Author's notes: The Crimson Canuck was featured in a recent article by Darryl Gallinger for The Lance, the student newspaper for University of Windsor. Gallinger also quotes me in the article, which you can read HERE.

After the article was published, I got a friendly e-mail from the Crimson Canuck, introducing himself and talking about his RLSH goals, which led to this rare Hero Profile update. Hero Profiles will now be on hiatus for a few months, but will return in 2013 as the publishing date for Heroes in the Night draws closer. For now-- a salute to the maple leaf, Darryl Gallinger for the write up and to the Crimson Canuck, one of the RLSH's most devoted Canadian brethren! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Knight Owl doc clip

Hey folks, not a lot of blogging lately because I've been working pretty intensely on the book.

I thought I would share this, though-- director Matt Harrison has been working on his doc about famous RLSH of the Pacific Northwest and just release this clip starring Knight Owl:

I'm quite familiar with this character as I met him four different times in four different cities.

1. The Superheroes Anonymous 3 Conference, New Bedford, September, 2009
2. Winter Olympic Meet Up, Vancouver, Feb. 2010
3. HOPE 2011, San Diego, July 2011
4. Infamous trip to Pacific Northwest, Portland, October 2011

The doc's website is:

Ok, back to work!