Thursday, June 21, 2012


Author Tea Krulos on the street with The Watchman. Photo by Paul Kjelland.

Hello, my friends. I'm very pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work and focus, I've signed a contract with a publisher for Heroes in the Night.

The publisher is Chicago Review Press, a company that offers an excellent catalog of non-fiction. I am very happy with the deal between us and have faith they are going to do a fantastic job and give the book the best presentation possible. Another bonus is that the company is just a short train ride away, so I can stop in and see how things are going in person if need be.

Here are some tentative details: the book is scheduled to have a Fall 2013 release. My final manuscript will be done in the next few months, and then the team at Chicago Review Press will work on editing and lay out.

The book will be available in an affordable paperback and e-book version.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far. Being a published author has been my dream for a long while, and now it has come true.

I will be taking a couple weeks off this blog to work on some stuff and take a short vacation, but in July I will be offering some more Hero Profiles of some folks you'll be reading about in my book.

And now, I suppose, I should get back to work.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

HERO PROFILE #93: Rouroni

Rouroni's XJL teammates and family transport him to his final resting place.

Status: Deceased (car accident)

Team Affiliation: Xtreme Justice League

Activities: Patrols, charity, public appearances

Quote: From his team mate, Urban Avenger: "He was very humble and always kept to himself, but at the same time he could make everyone laugh. He never wanted to be in the spotlight and never wanted to be mentioned or take credit for anything. He was really the epitome of what a RLSH should be. We all learned a lot from him."

Author's notes: R.I.P., Rouroni.