Thursday, October 31, 2013

HERO PROFILE #15: Thanatos

Eva Siu/ Citizen Heroes documentary

Operates out of: Vancouver, BC

Activities: Hands out supplies to the homeless, gathers evidence and reports crimes to police

Date of first patrol: Halloween

Origin story: After an officer told him that homeless people only had death to look forward to, Thanatos adopted a look that reflected the Grim Reaper.

Author's notes: I couldn't think of anyone better to feature as a Halloween Hero Profile than Thanatos. He has a somewhat creepy looking exterior, but is motivated by a heart of gold.

I have a chapter of Heroes in the Night that focuses on Thanatos titled "The Man in the Green Skull Mask." I document his status as a legend among Vancouver's large homeless population. You can read an excerpt from that chapter that Vancouver newspaper Georgia Straight posted on their site here:

Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

HERO PROFILE #14: Evocatus

Photo by David Carnahan
Based out of: Seattle

Team Affiliation: Rain City Superhero Movement

Team title: Executive Officer, Director of Human Resources
Author's notes: After asking Evocatus to sum up who he is and why he joined the Rain City Superhero Movement in Seattle, I thought I would just repost most of his response here.

From Evocatus: 

Hi, I’m Evocatus, or “Evo,” for short. I joined the RCSM candidacy program in September 2012, and became a junior ranking member shortly after. I had been a fan of Phoenix Jones for a while prior to that, and was fascinated by an actual team of people who chose to make an active difference in their community, by patrolling the streets of Seattle.
Having spent nearly a decade in the military, I was drawn to working in a team element, and had honestly missed that particular component once I’d left that life behind. This, combined with a strong sense of community service, seemed to make me a shoe-in for this line of volunteer activism.
Learning about each individual member, helped me understand why we’re all here. Most of us are in our mid-20’s to mid-30’s, married, children, work regular jobs, and live otherwise quite normal lives, which wasn’t what I’d expected. I think most of us presume anyone in the RLSH community is likely in their teens, live with their parents, and play video games for a living. The members of this team are quite real, and aren’t the normal caricatures of spandexed heroism we’re used to imagining. Simply put, we’re everyone. 
We’re you, reading this. We’re that guy that helps you jump start your car at work, or the woman that offers you to go ahead of her in line at the store. We are that kind person that offers a smile every morning at the bus stop, we are that person that kept the door open a few more seconds so you could get in from the rain, we are the volunteer at that one crisis clinic a friend you know went to.
I’ve since been patrolling at least once per week for over a year now, have done several blood drives, spoken at schools, worked with a camp for disabled children, conducted/participated in almost two dozen food & clothing handouts for the homeless, and I’m excited for the future of this team, and the things we may inspire others to also do.
The question often comes up, about why I joined the Rain City Superhero Movement. Being a part of this is simple; the tangible differences I make to my community keep me motivated, and in love with this city. The real questions I wonder are, “Why not,” and, “Why did I wait so long to start?”
Be safe, be kind.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

HEROES in Madison and Saint Paul!

It was a great weekend for Heroes in the Night as I got to get out and visit two cities that are my favorites but don't get to as often as I like. I saw some old friends and met some cool new people, too, and got to tell people all about my book.
First I made a stop Saturday night at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI. I was joined by Electron, who used to live in Madison but is now in La Crosse. On Sunday I made an appearance at Common Good Books in Saint Paul, MN. We had a nice, enthusiastic crowd and I was joined by four RLSH: Razorhawk and Geist (who star in a chapter of the book) and Misery White and Blue. The book sold well. Common Good also now has a stock of signed copies of the book, if you're in the Twin Cities area.

Next up for me-- I'll be tabling at the Milwaukee Zine Fest on Nov. 9.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Heroes in the Night Hits the Road!

Tea Krulos will be making two appearances with his book Heroes in the Night this weekend.

First up, Westfield Comics (West location, 7475 Mineral Point Road) in Madison, WI this Saturday the 19. 6PM. Our special guest will be Electron.

On Sunday the 20th, we'll be at Common Good Books in Saint Paul, MN at 4PM. Special guests Geist and Razorhawk will join Tea in a Q and A. Other Minnesota RLSH will be in attendance as well!

Two more things to mention:

At my Milwaukee event on Friday, we did a silent auction to benefit the HOPE charity. I originally announced we had raised $531, but that number jumped up a little to $576 thanks to generous additional donations by bidders Bridget, Matt, and Tracey.

One item that did not sell was a gift certificate for AtomX Wear, the designer and costume creator that has done dozens and dozens of RLSH costumes. Me and Jack, of AtomX Wear, decided to list that item paired with a signed copy of the book on EBay to try to raise more funds for HOPE here:
This is a great item for RLSH, cosplayers, anyone looking for a copy of the book and some serious superhero threads!

Last, our friends at Forces of Geek have a book giveaway contest! To enter, you must submit a superhero themed haiku. Remember, that's 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Entry info here:

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

HERO PROFILE #13: Emerald Fáel

Photo by Gregg Simpson

Based out of: San Diego

Team affiliation: Xtreme Justice League, CAI, Missfits 4 Life

Activities: Charity and humanitarian efforts

Legacy: Her son, Rouroni, was an RLSH. He died on May 25, 2012.

Author's notes: Emerald Fáel has a brief but memorable appearance in my book Heroes in the Night. I can say with no uncertainty that she is a hero to me. She is again joining Miss Fit's team, Missfits 4 Life, in raising money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital by participating in a Warrior Dash. (See yesterday's post, which includes a video and more info.)

I have a book appearance at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI on Saturday and will be donating $2.99 for each book I sell to Emerald Fáel's fundraising page, which is open for the next nine days or so.

You can make a donation of any amount of money and help a great cause at her page here:

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miss Fit on Mission to Help St. Jude's!

One of the interesting people I met on my journey into the word of Real Life Superheroes is Miss Fit, an RLSH that focuses on health and fitness promotion. I always love to use her as an example because she smashes the knee jerk response that some people have when they hear about RLSH-- that oh, these must be a bunch of white-n-nerdy comic book guys.

As you can see from the photo above, Miss Fit does not fit into that category. I got to meet Miss Fit at HOPE 2011 and am looking forward to her documentary The Adventures of Miss Fit. I also mention in the book the fantastic success Miss Fit and her team of friends had in raising money for Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital by entering into a Warrior Dash competition as a team. Miss Fit and her "Missfits 4 Life" raised $16,000.


Miss Fit is leading her group into the Warrior Dash again. They are about halfway to their goal of ten thousand right now and have about ten days left. I'll let the video below from Miss Fit speak for itself, but here's a couple notes.

--One of Miss Fit's team members will be featured Hero Profile tomorrow here on the blog.
--This Saturday I will be appearing at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI with my book. I will be donating $2 for each book I sell to tomorrow's featured team member. Will that be a lot of money? No. But every bit helps.
--Here is the donation site:

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HEROES a Hit in Milwaukee!

RLSH and costume contest entries. Skyscraper, the towering robot in the back, won the contest. More pics to follow soon!


What a fun night! I presented Heroes in the Night to my hometown crowd (as I pointed out, I was born just down the street at St. Mary's hospital) at Boswell Book Company. Lots of friends and family and a good number of curious people I didn't know. I read the book's introduction and showed some slides. Then for the Q and A I called up a surprise guest--Milwaukee area RLSH the Watchman. The crowd reaction was great.

I'm glad to say that book sales that night were good enough that Heroes in the Night was listed as Boswell Book Company's bestselling paperback non-fiction for the week! Here's the mention on their blog:

The after party was fun, too. We had a costume contest with  three honorary judges: fashion designer Miranda Levy (she was a contestant on the current season of Project Runway. She also has an exciting Kickstarter going on now HERE) as well as my friend, photographer, writer, and fashion guru Lacy Landre and comic book artist David Beyer, Jr., who contributed a few pages of art to the book.

Some of the local RLSH-- Watchman, Blackbird, and Night Vision-- proved they were good sports by entering the contest. A man dressed as Hermes got third, Watchman won second, and the crowd was wowed by first place winner Skyscraper, a giant homemade robot costume (over ten foot) who vowed to "tower over evil." Good show!

We also had great entertainment by Nineteen Thirteen and later DJ Beta.

From 9PM-Midnight we had a display of about 16 items generously donated by friends. Some of these included original art from the book, lots of certificates, and other unique items. After final bids were in, we had raised $531.00 for the RLSH run charity HOPE, which helps distribute supplies directly to homeless people.

All around a great night, and thanks for everyone who supported me and my book.

Up next:
Westfield Comics, Madison, WI 10/19
Common Good Books, Saint Paul, MN 10/20

Tomorrow on the blog, I'll be talking about another great RLSH charity event going on right now: Miss Fit's Warrior Dash to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

HERO PROFILE #12: Blackbird

Operates out of: Milwaukee, WI

Team Affiliation: The Challengers

Activities: Patrols, charity events

Author's notes: Tomorrow is a big day for me here in Milwaukee. I'm doing a hometown event to celebrate the release of Heroes in the Night. I'll be presenting my book at Boswell Book Company and then having an after party. Rumor is that local RLSH the Watchman and Blackbird might be around.

At the after party, I'll be doing a silent auction to benefit HOPE. Included in the items will be a nice print of the above photo taken of Blackbird by local photographer Paul Kjelland. It appears in the color photo section of the book.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Everyone's Talking About Heroes in the Night!

Tea Krulos with Chicagoland RLSH Crusader Prime (left) and Wraith at his appearance at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago.

"(A) colorful new page-turner."
--The Onion's A.V. Club

"A very entertaining book!"
--Nick Digilio, WGN Chicago

"Heroes in the Night is a great example of the promise of creative non-fiction. Tea Krulos lays a solid foundation of fact and then builds an entertaining story on top of it."
--Matt Hlinak, Pop Mythology

"...A well written and intelligent look...."
--Patrick Challis, The Curiosity of a Social Misfit

"Honestly, one of the best books I've ever read. Tea Krulos takes a completely unbiased view into our order and should be commended for it."
--Electron, RLSH of La Crosee, WI

"Tea captures it."
--Geist, RLSH of Rochester, MN

* * *
My next big event is a hometown appearance this Friday. I'll be at the Boswell Book Company at 7PM, with an after- party at Stonefly Brewery, 9PM. Also doing appearances at Westfield Comics in Madison 10/19 and Common Good Books in Saint Paul 10/20. 

* * *

And a special thanks to the WOWW Bookclub of Green Bay, WI, who made Heroes in the Night their October reading selection. Thanks, ladies!

* * *
Heroes in the Night is now available in paperback and as an e-book at the links below!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Tea Krulos at Quimby's Bookstore Tomorrow Night

Blackbird approved: the mysterious Milwaukee RLSH digs into the book!

First bookstore appearance for Heroes in the Night will be at Quimby's Bookstore, 1854 W. North Ave., Chicago tomoorow, Oct. 5, at 7PM. Excerpt, Slideshow, Q and A with surprise mystery guest.

If you're in Chicagoland, hope to see you there!

Other dates follow soon-- 10/11 in Milwaukee @Boswell Book Company, 10/19 in Madison @Westfield Comics, 10/20 in Saint Paul @Common Good Books.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tea Krulos A Nominee For "Best Milwaukee Author"

Every year, Milwaukee weekly alternative paper the Shepherd Express holds a "Best of Milwaukee" contest voted on by their readership.

I'm honored to say that this year I am one of the nominees in the "Best Milwaukee Author" category, along with historian John Gurda and children's book author Lois Ehlert. Voting is open now until October 27.

The voting rules and form can be found here:

Further showing off my exquisite tastes, I'm glad to report that quite a few people and places associated with my book release party on October 11 are also nominees. They are: Boswell Book Company (Best Bookstore)-- Stonefly Brewery (Best Brew Pub)--show MC Sir Pinkerton Xyloma (Best Magician/ Illusionist) and Nineteen Thirteen (Best Classical Music Ensemble). Way to go!

Details on that event can be found here:

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today is the Official Heroes in the Night Release Date!

A proud day for me-- October 1 is the official release date of my book Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement, out now from Chicago Review Press. The paperback version has been circulating for the last couple weeks. Pre-orders have been shipping out and it has been making its way onto book store shelves, both of independent bookstores and chains like Barnes & Noble. If your local store doesn't have a copy, ask them to order one.

Starting today you can also purchase and download the e-book version for your devices as well!

Here's a couple things I'd like to share with you on this momentous day:

--Today I will be answering questions on the book throughout the day over at Goodreads. Sign in and join the group, post up a question, and I'll answer it. Here's the link:

--Local newspaper and longtime supporters the Riverwest Currents gave me an opportunity to write about my experience of working on the book as well as an excerpt from Heroes in the Night, Chapter 10: Challengers, Assemble! They also have info on my upcoming Milwaukee appearance. Here's the link:

--Here's a fantastic article/ interview with me by's Molly Snyder that was posted Sunday:

--I made a late night appearance on the Nick Digilio Show on Radio 720 in Chicago last night while I was stuck at the Charlotte airport. It was a fun talk and you can hear the my segment here:

--I have upcoming bookstore appearances 10/05 at Quimby's in Chicago, 10/11 at Boswell Books/ Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee, 10/19 at Westfield Comics in Madison, 10/20 at Common Good Books in Saint Paul. More info here:

And below are online links to purchase pages for the book.

Thank you all for your support!
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