Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miss Fit on Mission to Help St. Jude's!

One of the interesting people I met on my journey into the word of Real Life Superheroes is Miss Fit, an RLSH that focuses on health and fitness promotion. I always love to use her as an example because she smashes the knee jerk response that some people have when they hear about RLSH-- that oh, these must be a bunch of white-n-nerdy comic book guys.

As you can see from the photo above, Miss Fit does not fit into that category. I got to meet Miss Fit at HOPE 2011 and am looking forward to her documentary The Adventures of Miss Fit. I also mention in the book the fantastic success Miss Fit and her team of friends had in raising money for Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital by entering into a Warrior Dash competition as a team. Miss Fit and her "Missfits 4 Life" raised $16,000.


Miss Fit is leading her group into the Warrior Dash again. They are about halfway to their goal of ten thousand right now and have about ten days left. I'll let the video below from Miss Fit speak for itself, but here's a couple notes.

--One of Miss Fit's team members will be featured Hero Profile tomorrow here on the blog.
--This Saturday I will be appearing at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI with my book. I will be donating $2 for each book I sell to tomorrow's featured team member. Will that be a lot of money? No. But every bit helps.
--Here is the donation site:

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