Thursday, October 31, 2013

HERO PROFILE #15: Thanatos

Eva Siu/ Citizen Heroes documentary

Operates out of: Vancouver, BC

Activities: Hands out supplies to the homeless, gathers evidence and reports crimes to police

Date of first patrol: Halloween

Origin story: After an officer told him that homeless people only had death to look forward to, Thanatos adopted a look that reflected the Grim Reaper.

Author's notes: I couldn't think of anyone better to feature as a Halloween Hero Profile than Thanatos. He has a somewhat creepy looking exterior, but is motivated by a heart of gold.

I have a chapter of Heroes in the Night that focuses on Thanatos titled "The Man in the Green Skull Mask." I document his status as a legend among Vancouver's large homeless population. You can read an excerpt from that chapter that Vancouver newspaper Georgia Straight posted on their site here:

Happy Halloween!

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