Friday, October 18, 2013

Heroes in the Night Hits the Road!

Tea Krulos will be making two appearances with his book Heroes in the Night this weekend.

First up, Westfield Comics (West location, 7475 Mineral Point Road) in Madison, WI this Saturday the 19. 6PM. Our special guest will be Electron.

On Sunday the 20th, we'll be at Common Good Books in Saint Paul, MN at 4PM. Special guests Geist and Razorhawk will join Tea in a Q and A. Other Minnesota RLSH will be in attendance as well!

Two more things to mention:

At my Milwaukee event on Friday, we did a silent auction to benefit the HOPE charity. I originally announced we had raised $531, but that number jumped up a little to $576 thanks to generous additional donations by bidders Bridget, Matt, and Tracey.

One item that did not sell was a gift certificate for AtomX Wear, the designer and costume creator that has done dozens and dozens of RLSH costumes. Me and Jack, of AtomX Wear, decided to list that item paired with a signed copy of the book on EBay to try to raise more funds for HOPE here:
This is a great item for RLSH, cosplayers, anyone looking for a copy of the book and some serious superhero threads!

Last, our friends at Forces of Geek have a book giveaway contest! To enter, you must submit a superhero themed haiku. Remember, that's 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Entry info here:

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