Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HEROES a Hit in Milwaukee!

RLSH and costume contest entries. Skyscraper, the towering robot in the back, won the contest. More pics to follow soon!


What a fun night! I presented Heroes in the Night to my hometown crowd (as I pointed out, I was born just down the street at St. Mary's hospital) at Boswell Book Company. Lots of friends and family and a good number of curious people I didn't know. I read the book's introduction and showed some slides. Then for the Q and A I called up a surprise guest--Milwaukee area RLSH the Watchman. The crowd reaction was great.

I'm glad to say that book sales that night were good enough that Heroes in the Night was listed as Boswell Book Company's bestselling paperback non-fiction for the week! Here's the mention on their blog:

The after party was fun, too. We had a costume contest with  three honorary judges: fashion designer Miranda Levy (she was a contestant on the current season of Project Runway. She also has an exciting Kickstarter going on now HERE) as well as my friend, photographer, writer, and fashion guru Lacy Landre and comic book artist David Beyer, Jr., who contributed a few pages of art to the book.

Some of the local RLSH-- Watchman, Blackbird, and Night Vision-- proved they were good sports by entering the contest. A man dressed as Hermes got third, Watchman won second, and the crowd was wowed by first place winner Skyscraper, a giant homemade robot costume (over ten foot) who vowed to "tower over evil." Good show!

We also had great entertainment by Nineteen Thirteen and later DJ Beta.

From 9PM-Midnight we had a display of about 16 items generously donated by friends. Some of these included original art from the book, lots of certificates, and other unique items. After final bids were in, we had raised $531.00 for the RLSH run charity HOPE, which helps distribute supplies directly to homeless people.

All around a great night, and thanks for everyone who supported me and my book.

Up next:
Westfield Comics, Madison, WI 10/19
Common Good Books, Saint Paul, MN 10/20

Tomorrow on the blog, I'll be talking about another great RLSH charity event going on right now: Miss Fit's Warrior Dash to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

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