Thursday, November 7, 2013

HERO PROFILE #16: Knight-Hood

Operates out of
: Saint Petersburg, FL

Activities: Hands supplies to the homeless, reports crimes to police, writes pulp fiction for charity

Origin: After a string of misfortunes, he adopted the Knight-Hood persona in 1989

Author's notes: Two things here. If you missed the Q and A I did with Knight Hood for Pop Mythology, you can find the interview here:

Also, Knight-Hood has a paperback fiction out.

"The Adventures of Knight-Hood is the only novel about a man becoming a real life masked crusader written by one who did," Knight-Hood tells me. Proceeds from book sales will be donated to Feeding America Tampa Bay. You can find the book's Amazon page HERE.

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  1. Hey! I just noticed this! Thanks for the write up and the interview for Pop Mythology and especially for mentioning my novel. With any luck the publicity will boost sales. Knight-Hood