Monday, August 5, 2013


Thursday, August 8: CHICAGO, Il--Wizard World Comic Con
5PM, Room 42: "Meet the Real Life Superheroes!" panel
Tea Krulos discusses Heroes in the Night and hosts a panel of Real Life Superheroes: The Watchman and Blackbird of Milwaukee, Electron from La Crosse, Geist from Rochester, MN, and Moon and Crimson Catalyst of Chicago.
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Tuesday, October 1: The 
"Ask Tea Krulos" discussion group
On the premiere date of Heroes in the Night, Tea Krulos will be checking in with Goodreads throughout the day to answer questions about the book. You can join the discussion here:

Saturday, October 5: CHICAGO, Il-- Quimby's Bookstore, 1854 W. North Ave.
7PM, In-store appearance. Slideshow, excerpt, Q and A, special surprise guests!
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Friday, October 11: MILWAUKEE, WI-- Boswell Book Co. & after party at Stonefly Brewery
This is the Heroes in the Night Universal Launch Party
7PM, In-store appearance at Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer St. Slideshow, excerpt, Q and A, special surprise guests!

9PM, after party at Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center St. Musical performance by Nineteen Thirteen, silent auction to benefit charity, super villain drink specials, and a superhero costume contest. Must be an original superhero creation. Honorary judges include fashion designer Miranda Levy (Project Runway), photographer Lacy Landre, and comic book artist David Beyer, Jr.
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Saturday, October 12: TBA

Saturday, October 19: MADISON, WI-- Westfield Comics, West side store, 7475 Mineral Point Road
6PM, In-store appearance, slideshow, excerpt, Q and A, surprise guest(s)!
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Sunday, October 20: SAINT PAUL, MN-- Common Good Books, 38 S. Snelling Ave.
4PM, In-store appearance, slideshow, excerpt, Q and A, surprise guests!
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  1. October First, I am heading to Chapters and buying this shiznit. I hope it will be available in the store.
    I always like buying it on release day than pre-ordering it.
    It makes me feel different.

    -Crimson Canuck