Saturday, August 31, 2013

Heroes in the Night is "A Great Example of the Promise of Creative Non-Fiction"

Wow, Heroes in the Night got a spectacular review from the fine folks at!

Reviewer Matt Hlinak writes:

"Krulos combines solid journalism with colorful storytelling to shed light on this bizarre and utterly human subculture...

Heroes in the Night is a great example of the promise of creative non-fiction. Tea Krulos lays a solid foundation of fact and then builds an entertaining story on top of it. He is a necessary character in this story, but he never allows himself to overshadow the real-life superheroes, who are the real stars. He gives them a chance to explain themselves and deftly mixes humor and compassion in his treatment of his subjects.

This is an entertaining book that sheds light on the strange but timely, understandable and relevant subculture that is the RLSH movement."

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