Thursday, December 10, 2009

HERO PROFILE #3: Civitron

Mad Owl (foreground) and Civitron
Photo by Mike Pecci/Boston Phoenix

Operates out of: New Bedford, MA aka "Secret City"
Group affiliation: Starting a non-profit New Bedford chapter of Superheroes Anonymous
Current Activities: Safety patrols, charity work, litter pick ups.
Heir apparent: Kid Civitron aka Mad Owl
Karaoke song of choice: "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol
Quote: "Civitron translates as 'instrument of the people' which can mean a lot, revolutionary, freedom fighter and I mean I am in my own little way. But most important is communicating with people individually and directly. And hopefully in a smaller direction I can push my ideas for humanity that will help people realize their power, and help people to use their talent to help change the world in little ways."

Additional author notes: I wrote an article for the Boston Phoenix this week about RLSHs of New England: Recluse, Basilisk, Slapjack, with a couple others mentioned. A main focus, though, was Civitron.
I got to meet Civitron at Superheroes Anonymous 3 and interviewed him several times by phone. He is just a great guy, very positive, down to earth, and excited about what he does. In addition, I think one of the great aspects of his story is the incredible support he has from his mom, his partner Jennifer, his son, Kid Civitron (aka Mad Owl), his niece Beau Shay Monde, his fellow RLSHs, his sensei Joe Rebelo, and friends like Tem Blessed. And that is just the short list!
Civitron is clearly an inspiration to those around him, and that is truly heroic.

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