Thursday, December 17, 2009

HERO PROFILE #4: Razorhawk

Photo by Paul Kjelland

Operates out of: The Twin Cities of Minnesota
Group affiliation:Leads the Great Lakes Heroes Guild(GLHG)
Current activities: Safety patrols, charity events. Razorhawk also operates the business which helps design and construct real life superhero costumes. Razorhawk is also a former wrestler.
Favorite wrestling moves: His own patented throat punch, and standards like the leg drop and the sidewalk slam
Quote: "If we don't do it, who will?"

Additional author notes: Razorhawk and the Great Lakes Heroes Guild recently raised a lot of funds for a toy drive, and split the funds to buy toys for charities in Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, along with sending some funds to their RLSH friends in Zephyrhills, Florida. All the toys were delivered by the heroes in person.
In Minneapolis the crew was Razorhawk, Geist, Celtic Viking, and Shadowflare, and Razorhawk says it took all four to deliver the goods.
"We got some cool toys too, not just the cheapy little stuff." Razorhawk reports.

The Great Lakes Heroes Guild is "Deeds not words," and this deed efforts has likely made some kid's holiday season a little bit more merry.

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