Thursday, January 7, 2010


Rather than profiling a specific hero today, I thought I would do the first post of the new year on this year itself.
The futuristic year of 2010 is here and the question is- could this be the year of the "real life superhero?" Many of the people in the RLSH community view it as a year filled with potential and possibilities, others see it as a "make it or break it" year.
There are a lot of RLSH meet ups and events planned for 2010, including a meet up in Vancouver, Superheroes Anonymous 4 in Portland, Captain Ozone's Green Power Rally, and many more.
Things will be interesting in April with the release of the film "Kick-Ass," which features a fictional (and violent) portrayal of RLSH. The RLSH are divided on their opinions on the film's release. Some see the benefits of the film drawing interest and potential new recruits to the movement. Others are concerned about just what caliber of people it might attract, as well as unwanted attention.
The full scale of the potential positive or negative benefits of the film will have to wait until the film's release.

As for me and my book, I am hoping it is quite a year. I've gotten pretty deep into it. My goal for a rough draft (pre editing phase) is May 1.
In between now and then there is a few more trips I would like to make:
* Vancouver- Really sure I am going, barring any unforeseen disasters. Starting to prep for it now.
* NYC- Attempted to get out there in October, but it didn't work. Really want to visit before I feel I can call the book done. Looking to hang out with the SA guys and whoever else is around.

Also would like to visit, if possible:
* LA- For Peter Tangen's art opening, whenever that may be.
* Salt Lake City- Need to follow up on this idea. Last communication I got was that every RLSH in the city was under contract that wouldn't allow me to talk to them. But that was over 6 months ago.
* Carbondale, IL- Not too far of a road trip and home to Treesong

2010! 2010! 2010!
This could be the YEAR OF THE HERO....are you in?


  1. Hey man, if you are interested... we're doing a blood drive thing at the end of Feburary in NY. Meow and I are flying in from Portland to meet up with the NY folk.

  2. Sounds like a good time and a good cause. I'll PM to talk more.

  3. looking forward to seeing you here in vancouver