Thursday, January 21, 2010

HERO PROFILE #7: Thanatos

Photo from MySpace

Also known as: The Dark Avenger

Operates out of: Vancouver, BC

Current activities: Hands out care packages to the homeless, charity events, reports criminal activities and presents evidence to the police.

Quote: "I am fighting a war for good against evil. I cannot win this war. I do not want to win the war, only all my battles. I read a quote recently that went something like this: beware that while slaying the monster you don't become the very monster you set out to slay. Good advice. But I am reminded of another line from a movie, I think it was Riddick: Sometimes you have to send out your own evil to fight evil. I am the reason to fear the night."

Thanatos has documented several of his missions

Author's notes: Thanatos has won universal respect for his efforts from the RLSH community. His green skeleton motif has come to symbolize hope instead of death on the streets of Vancouver. I am planning to travel to Vancouver next month and look forward to seeing him work and hopefully help firsthand.

Fun fact: Thanatos and I have the same skull and crossbone print tie.

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  1. I'm not skared of thinitos the dark avingir!