Thursday, January 28, 2010

HERO PROFILE #8: Superhero

Photo from MySpace

Operates out of: Clearwater, Florida

Team Affiliation: Team Justice

Significant other: Lady Hero

Activities: Patrols, charity missions

Favorite comic book heroes: Captain Marvel and The Comedian

Quote: "I have the most boring origin of all the RLSH, I started out as a pro wrestler. While in school I decided I wanted to do it as some kind of Superhero. Me and another guy, Dave Tristani (Famous as Devin Nash or "The Fake Nash" in WCW) were sitting around talking about it, trying to think up a name. He just said 'Why not call yourself Superhero?' And I was born. After a knee injury, Superhero stayed alive by appearing in TV pilots that I shot and by going to NATPE to try and sell them. He even interviewed Jerry Springer once. He refused to die. I don't know when it struck me as a good idea to start doing it for real, it just happened. No radioactive spider, no old wizard, nothing."

Author's notes: Previously I posted speculation that 2010 may be "Year of the Hero." An early indication of this has been Superhero's team, Team Justice, becoming the first RLSH group to fill out the paperwork and achieve non-profit status.

Team Justice website
Recent article about Team Justice:HERE

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