Thursday, January 14, 2010


Photo by Paul Kjelland

Also known as: The Emerald Cowboy
Operates out of: Rochester, MN aka "Med City"
Team affiliation: Great Lakes Heroes Guild
Current activities: Safety patrols, charity events, paints over graffiti.
Quote: “When I researched being a Real-Life Superhero, the reality-aspect of it drew me back to the pulp magazines and characters of the 1930s and 40s. – The Shadow, Doc Savage and the Green Hornet. The cowboy aspect was nearly unintentional, but certainly ingrained in my personality and philosophy. The lone rider, pure and clear in his motives,relying on no one else.”

Video message from Geist encouraging people to contribute to disaster relief funding for Haiti

Author's notes: I've met Geist twice, and I think he's a good representative for the RLSH movement. He's easy to talk to, good at explaining what he is doing to curious people on the street, knows his limits, admits to mistakes he's made on patrol, and has helped out some great causes. He also has some pretty bad ass arm gauntlets and shades!

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