Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heroes in the Night featured in Melbourne City Journal

Straight out of Melbourne, Australia is the below article (not available online) on RLSHs. Journalist Yolanda Redrup interviewed me for the article via phone and quotes me on RLSH relations and the infamous "pepper spray incident" I witnessed while patrolling with Phoenix Jones. It was a wild night, especially when, as Yolanda puts it, I "copped a punch in a massive brawl."  The article focuses quite a bit on the Fauna Fighters, a Melbourne duo that are animal rights activists that use the superhero motif to promote their cause, gathering petition signatures, litter pick up, and patrols. Thylacine and Flying Fox have had a controversial reception among the RLSH for showing support for the radical animal rights group the Animal Liberation Front.

Thank you to Yolanda and The City Journal and G'day to any new readers that followed the article to this blog.

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