Thursday, August 2, 2012

Parking Lot Patrol Ends Badly For Suburban "Beast"

Police arrest Beast, a Mansfield Township RLSH


I've not written about the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the Dark Knight Rises premier simply because I don't think I have words to express how terrible it is.

The shooting, still prevalent in the news cycle, has naturally made people on edge about...unusually clad people lurking in public places. For an example, we can look at the latest RLSH arrest, a man patrolling the New Jersey suburb of Mansfield Township (population 8,544, according to Wikipedia) that calls himself "Beast."

According to a report on (which you can read HERE), the Beast was hanging around a Home Depot parking lot, asking shoppers if they needed his assistance when people began to make the Colorado shooting connection in their mind. One woman saw Beast reach into his pocket and was afraid he was going for a gun. He was grabbing his cell phone.

Afraid they were observing an Aurora shooting "copycat,"concerned customers and store employees called police, who arrested Beast in front of Home Depot's garden section. They charged him with disorderly conduct and possession of handcuffs, according to the report. They also drove him to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center "to be evaluated for crisis intervention."

The Beast has a court date set for August 21.


  1. Wow, look out RLSHers! All you need is for some backwoods shrink to say you're a nut case for wanting to be a RLSH and you're in deep doo-doo...yikes!

  2. It looks like it was his mask that scared people, along the tactical pants and armored vest. Other than having the handcuffs, he wasn't really doing anything illegal. Unfortunately the recent shootings do have people on edge.

    Heroes in public need to make efforts to be as public friendly as possible. Sometimes that means forgoing the awesome mask. As a rule of thumb, if people can't see your eyes and at least half your face, they're going to be nervous.

  3. Truly disgusting. This country has a sick habit of using reactionary measures to justify the oppression of innocent people under the guise of security. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

  4. Well I saw this one coming like a big old freight train heading at us and even warned all my rlsh comrades post Aurora that if you look even slightly threatening expect people to start calling 911 the minute they see you from now on.

    I've been doing this for 22 years now and have never been busted because I am not foolish enough to walk down the sidewalk in broad daylight wearing the mask.

    I have always patoled disguised as a homeless person and worn the mask rolled up on my head like a hat. I pull it down only if I see an emergency and lose it once it is over and before the police arrive.

    This covert method has kept me safe from both the police and criminals alike. This modern idea of patoling the streets masked is not going to fly for long. I hope this is a wake up call to all my peers.


  5. This will probably lead to mask-laws just like we have in the Netherlands. Beware RLSH out there.

  6. It's a trend. One has been pointing this out for some time. Zeta to NYI to Jones to Bee Sting. But here, Listen to someone who supports silly superheroes explain it;

    The trend is continuing, because superheroes won't police their own. They don't want to, and it's degenerating into play batmans with knives and guns. Just an online streetgang.