Friday, November 9, 2012

Mutual Kombat: Fight!

Its been awhile since I reported on news coming out of Seattle. Phoenix Jones and his crew, the Rain City Superhero Movement, have been running into a stream of street level confrontations lately.

The most dramatic of these happened in the early hours of this morning. The team intervened in an altercation between some men trying to stop another person's vehicle. The men then turned their attention to the RCSM and an angry confrontation started.

"You know Washington is a mutual combat state, if you'd like to agree to fight we can do that if you'd like to," Jones suggests at the 2:05 mark in the video below. He goes on to explain that  "mutual combat" apparently allows people to fight until one of them hits the ground. I'm no legal expert, but this claim seems to be legit because when police arrived on the scene, they allow the mutual combat to proceed (after trying to talk them out of it).

At the 6:25 mark the fight begins. Jones has removed his famous rubber cowl, and the two men begin to circle each other. After a couple of kicks, Jones' opponent attempts a choke-hold but Jones counters with a right hook and knocks the man out. He then quickly exits from the fighting area and at the command of police leaves the scene. The aftermath-- well, you can just watch for yourself. (NSFW-- loud obscenity, racist comments, total chaos)

On a less combative and more congratulatory note, Phoenix Jones' wife Purple Reign was honored by the University of Seattle for her work on the Purple Reign Campaign, which raised awareness about domestic abuse and money for a women's shelter.


  1. So...Why wasn't shit finished when they were walking away?

    I'm looking for a GOOD reason.

  2. Ima give a lil advice, from someone that knows something about the law... first, i don't see the guy trying to put phoenix in a headlock when phoenix knocks him down/out. The guy put his hands down, and from an objective party that looks like he does not want to continue with the fight.. aka no longer mutual. Question is.. does he give the phoenix an opportunity to cease fighting as well? this is where lawyering come in. Phoenix you are flirting with financial troubles aka a law suit... gotta be better than that man.

  3. I have high regard for anyone who voluntarily accepts the risks inherent in violence intervention or prevention. However, I can't find evidence of that here.

    I'm glad everyone walked away with minimal injury .. but that's about the only good news that I can find in this one.

    Certainly, the street is neither more peaceful, nor more quiet, at the end of the interaction.

    And, "mutual combat" simply removes the ability for either party to claim that they were acting in their own defense. They were both (or all) willfully committing a violent crime. Falling down isn't a factor.

    The observation that a police officer didn't physically intervene (despite giving clear instruction to "walk away" at 4:45) does not create any new statute.


    Watch the video SPD spokesman said it was illegal

  5. Scumbag Phoenix Jones: Walks the streets of Seattle to make citizens safe, beats the everloving shit out of citizens instead of walking away.

  6. You all have to admit, that stuff like this is a LOT more interesting than like 99.99% of the other articles/videos/etc. that have come out about this Community.

    To all the criticizers, you're not Phoenix Jones, you can't decide what his ideals are, nor what he can do. He originally was choosing to walk away and was a LOT more polite than he had to be, considering what they were saying to him and their threatening gestures.

    He engaged in a legal form of combat, and walked away the second the other guy dropped (like a sack of potatoes, I might add). Now they both have something to brag about. Phoenix Jones for kicking an instigator's ass, the instigator for at least having the courage to fight such a skilled fighter like Phoenix Jones.

    And what did we get?


    Wait for it...


    ...keep waiting...


    ..... Some DAMN good television! LOL!


  7. Tothian, how are you even still alive?