Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heroes in the Night Will be at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago!

The Watchman and Blackbird-- 2 of the 6 panel members.
We're happy to announce that Heroes in the Night author Tea Krulos will host a panel of six RLSH titled "Meet the Real Life Superheroes!" at this year's Wizard Con in Chicago.

Details below.


Thursday, August 8, 5PM, Room 42
Join Tea Krulos, author of the new book Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement, a non-fiction that explores the "Real Life Superhero" (RLSH) subculture-- people that invent their own costumed persona and hit the street to do charity events and sometimes even attempt crime-fighting. 

In a rare team up special, Krulos will be hosting a panel that includes actual RLSHs. They are: Razorhawk, who leads the Great Lakes Alliance in Minneapolis, Watchman and Blackbird of the Milwaukee team The Challengers, Electron from La Crosse, WI, and Chicago's own Moon and Crimson Catalyst.

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