Thursday, February 6, 2014

Michigan Protectors Split

Before the break up: Michigan Protectors. Bee Sting is in black and yellow in the middle, Petoskey Batman is at far right. Photo: Brian Mitchell/ Detroit News

The simply named Super Hero, a veteran RLSH of Clearwater, Florida refers to the Michigan Protectors as the "Washington Generals of the RLSH community," comparing them to the long suffering and inept opponents of the Harlem Globetrotters. 

The group is visited briefly in my book Heroes in the Night, where I relay what I still think is one of the biggest RLSH fails: the April 2012 arrest of Michigan Protectors leader Bee Sting. Bee Sting was doing surveillance on a trailer park, carrying a shotgun with him, when he got into a scuffle over a loud motorcycle. He began to fight the noise violator and the shotgun discharged in the skirmish. Bee Sting was arrested and spent some time in jail. 

Another Michigan Protectors member, the Petoskey Batman, has also ran afoul of the law and was cited for trespassing on rooftops, where we can assume he was brooding like his Dark Knight namesake. 

Bee Sting and Petoskey Batman decided to join forces and became the most infamous members of their team. But now, according to a report by Francis X. Donnelly for the Detroit News, the team has split in half because of a feud between the two RLSH. 

Among the flying accusations between the bee and the bat are claims of infidelity, fraud, probation violation, and general bad taste.

You can read the full article HERE.

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