Monday, November 23, 2009

Minneapolis Meet ups

Above: Geist and Tea Krulos in Rochester, Below: Razorhawk in Saint Paul.
Photos by Paul Kjelland.

After meeting with my hometown heroes, I was able to meet some of the heroes of Minneapolis in mid April, 2009. I met Razorhawk and Celtic Viking for a mission to look for clues for a missing college student near the Mississippi river in Saint Paul. The next day I met with Geist for a driving patrol of the rainy streets of Rochester, MN.

In late June me and The Watchman hit the road and drove from Milwaukee to Minneapolis to meet up with Razorhawk, Geist, and Celtic Viking for a patrol of downtown Minneapolis, and a food drop off at People Serving People, a charity that provides families with temporary housing.
Watchman produced the short video below on the night:

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