Thursday, January 26, 2012


RLSH and radio show guest Knight Owl, left, and Zimmer

I was a guest today for an hour long radio show, The Colin McEnroe Show, on Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR). Also joining me as guests over the course of the hour- Knight Owl, Geist, Rock N Roll (see previous entry for a profile), and Seattle detective and department spokesman Mark Jamieson.

Det. Jamieson is kind of destined to be the man who has to answer questions about Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superhero Movement until the end of time, often telling media outlets that he feels the RCSM are putting themselves and others in danger.

We were really hoping to hear from Jack aka Razorhawk, so he could talk about his RLSH design shop, Atomic Hero-Wear, but unfortunately the clock ran out before he had a chance to speak.

There were a few questions from listeners who called in, and a guest caller- Superhero of Clearwater, Florida. Apparently the lines were jam packed the entire show.

I also mentioned local Milwaukee RLSH The Watchman and former Connecticut RLSHs Runebringer and Scavenger (where are they now?).

I think the show went absolutely great and a big thanks to the Colin McEnroe Show crew and the guests who called in.

You can listen to the show here:

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  1. SkyMan here:

    Would you beleive the disparragement of RLSH in Seattle includes Mr Jaimeson? Not too long ago I sent him an email explaining a situation that had NOTHING to do wtih Phoenix Jones and explaining that I was a homeless outreach centered RLSH and a few of my comrades were... well, EVEN Mr. Jaimeson condemned individual homeless outreach. Just sayin!