Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Purple Reign Campaign Launches

Purple Reign, left, and Phoenix Jones at a Seattle cafe. Photo by Tea Krulos.

Rain City Superhero Promotes "Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse"

Purple Reign
, wife of Phoenix Jones and Rain City Superhero Movement member launched a campaign yesterday to promote awareness about domestic violence.

The campaign, which lasts until April, has a variety of scheduled events to raise awareness and money for Northwest Family Life. That non-profit group is a counseling and learning center addresses the issue of domestic violence through advocacy, intervention, and prevention.

Money will be raised through soliciting donations, merchandise sales, and a Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction in April. Personal survivor stories will be shared on the Purple Reign Campaign website and Phoenix Jones will judge a comic panel drawing contest on the theme "Everyday heroes against domestic abuse."

You can find more info and donate at:


  1. I think u guys need some designs for promotion n signs n videos for this event. You'd have a bigger turn out. Hit 80 Generations up, we support the superhero crew!

  2. Awesome! I survived 15 years of DV myself. I'd love to help somehow if you do anything in south King Co let me know!

    1. Laurie, follow the link to the PRC website Tea provided and send me an email using the contact page. Would love to have your support and help! Thank you!

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