Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Play 'em On TV: RLSH on NCIS

RLSHs on NCIS. "Spandexia," far left, is obviously based on Terrifica, while "Whipcord" far right, is based on Geist. The lady with a star shirt plays a NCIS forensics analyzer who happens to be a RLSH fangirl (and potential "cape chaser" I would imagine.)

NCIS joined the list of TV shows to feature an episode based on Real Life Super Heroes, a sort of art imitating life imitating art imitating...ah, you get the point. Previous portrayals have been featured on shows like Rookie Blue and Castle.

This episode featured several RLSH characters and contained several clues that the show's writer, Stephen D. Binder, must have done some digging around to find material for the story. Consider these points:

- One of the RLSH is found dead and a video similar to the "Pepper Spray Incident" (which I witnessed first hand, btw) with Seattle Rain City Superhero Movement founder Phoenix Jones surfaces.

- One of the characters tells a story (albeit an exaggerated one) about The Fox, an environmental activist, sometimes cited as a RLSH "early prototype."

-A website based off the World Superhero Registry, a defunct but often cited RLSH website.

- RLSH characters clearly based off actual RLSHs Terrifica ("Spandexia")of NYC and Geist ("Whipcord"), of Rochester, MN. Some of the characters contained various elements here and there of other RLSH, too. There was one that looked a lot like Motor-Mouth.

-The RLSH crew the detectives discover are participating in a "bait patrol," a somewhat controversial tactic some RLSHs have used.

Twin Peaks fans will note a guest appearance by Ray Wise, aka Leland Palmer, as the father of one of the RLSH (named "ICU").

You can watch the episode online here:


  1. I liked it. I thought it was basically a fun hokey episode of a TV series. They're more accurate about RLSH than about NCIS, ironically. I used to work with those guys a little bit.

    1. Where Have You Been EON? Why Have You Left Us? :P

  2. Ray Wise is the Devil!! No, seriously, watch Reaper.

  3. Anyone but me old enough to remember the TV series Hill Street Blues? They had their own real life superhero on a few episodes. I enjoyed the character even though he was clearly mad. He ended up dying of course.

  4. I Love This Episode, It Pumps Me Up.

  5. To One's knowledge, there is nothing controversial about superheroes doing "bait patrols". They're stupid. One isn't sure if there's any debate on that fact.

    One could be wrong.

    -Lord Malignance

  6. Another reason to shoot your television.
    Hunter S. Thompson and Elvis had the right idea.