Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HERO PROFILE #87: Brazilian Batman

Operates out of: Taubaté, Brazil

Activities: Crime patrols, school appearances

Historical precedent: According to reports, the Brazilian Batman is a paid position, which seems likely he would be the first RLSH on payroll.

Quote: "I'm fighting crime in a preventative way by helping stop these children from becoming criminals. This is my job. This is my battle."

Author's Notes: There has been a lot of media circulating online over the last week or two about Andre Luiz Pinheiro, a retired police officer in Brazil who works with police to provide a positive role model for children. Reports seem mixed on the amount of actual crimefighting the Brazilian Caped Crusader will be pursuing. The report has made me wonder--might we see a future where being a RLSH is a paid position?

BBC report on Brazilian Batman here:

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