Monday, September 19, 2011

Rain City Superhero Arrest Captured on "Phoenix Cam"

Phoenix Jones has posted video which shows what he claims is his 32nd capture of a criminal that has led to an arrest. Jones was joined by members of his Rain City Superhero Movement and the Citizen Heroes documentary crew. The pursuit and capture of a man outside of a Seattle club was captured by the "Phoenix Cam," an ongoing video documentation of Jones and company's adventures.

Phoenix writes this description of the video (transcribed from his famous ALL CAPS style):

On patrol with Ghost, No Name, Mist, El Caballero and the Citizen Heroes documentary crew. We are on patrol in Belltown when we hear a man yelling 'DONT TALK TO MY WIFE LIKE THAT!' We see him throw the punch and that's when Ryan turns the camera on. We catch the perp running up the street and yell to him to stop. At this point the man who was assaulted is up and chasing with us (his wife is pregnant and was being harassed by the susspect previous to the video)-He runs into a parking lot and swings a punch at us, so I pepper spray him.
The chase continues and I finally tackle him in a parking lot. The police pull up so I back up. The best thing about arrest 32 is the police giving us thanks at the end.

The video follows:

Heroes in the Night author Tea Krulos will be in Portland and Seattle the first week of October.

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  1. The video has been removed due to some copyright claim (which doesn't make sense), but the report you've transcribed is uninterpretable. The "perpetrator" is not adequately described. Was the "perp" the man who threw the punch after yelling 'DON'T TALK TO MY WIFE LIKE THAT!'? If that was the case and he was protecting his pregnant wife, wouldn't the perpetrator be the man who insulted the couple?

    I'm very confused.