Thursday, September 8, 2011

HERO PROFILE #78: Captain Sticky

Operated out of: San Diego, CA. Died 2003.

: Consumer and quality of life activism, protests, public appearances, possibly patrolled.

: Peanut butter shooting guns, peanut butter grenades, a modified Lincoln Continental called the Stickymobile.

Quote: "When I stage a surprise raid in my costume, you can be sure I'm not ignored."

Author's notes: To read more on Captain Sticky, see previous entry.


  1. This is great! I wondered what he actually looked like and he spoke very, very well. Some of the RLSH out there that breeze through their thoughtless postings could learn a thing or two from this dead vet.

  2. My word, is that man made of 100% Flubber?
    Absolutely remarkable!


  3. One doesn't like many superheroes, but by your write up, he seems like someone One would have liked to know.

    Rest in Peace Captain Sticky

  4. @anonymous
    I am unsure if I could learn much from Captain Sticky considering that at the end of his life, Richard Pesto was hosting sex tours to Thailand.

  5. OBIT:

    -Knight Owl

  6. oh my, here's one with Captain Sticky and Ron Jeromy in the same article! lol,


  7. Richard Pesta pulled the biggest trick of them all. He orchestrated his "death" to outwit his creditors, friends that loaned him thousands and other that trusted his word. He was trying to get another sure thing off the ground when he told me if he didn't make it work, he'd travel to Thailand and, with the help of officials there, stage and document his death. He brought so much business to Thailand, they worshipped him and his sidekick, Terry Kaucher, there. Richard Pesta only masqueraded as a hero; the mask he wore was that of a crooked businessman with a veiled sense of morals.

  8. My freshman year in high school, 1974, he gave me an award at a banquet as "Boy of the Year" for some volunteer work I did. It was sort of a formal event, and I thought his costume and speech all very bizaare!!

  9. I knew Sticky very well. He and my father were best friends. He was a genius. At the end, (and yes, he's actually dead) he had convinced an agar company to pay him to take their waste, then he turned around and sold it as a soil additive (it actually worked) Getting paid twice for the same thing? Genius. He was very kind hearted, and just cause he was into porn did NOT make him some kind of pervert. He was strictly anti drug, and although sometimes shady, never screwed over anyone but credit card companies. He was larger than life, and hilarious. God Bless Captain Sticky, R.I.P. Craftadvantage is a tool who is going off of media hype, and not actual knowledge. As a man who liked pies, Sticky had his hands in a lot of them. Blame the lawyers if you want to blame anyone for the shadiness.

  10. My dad did business with him, I went to his house once as a young boy, very interesting man.