Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RLSH storyline on "Castle"

Heroes in the Night fans pointed out that the most recent episode of the ABC comedy-drama "Castle" featured a "Real Life Super Hero." In the episode, titled "Heroes and Villains," lead character Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion) is hip to the "real life super hero subculture." He shows his detective partner a YouTube video of a bumbling RLSH named "Red Maroon." The two then line up suspects for a RLSH named "Lone Vengeance" who may or may not have murdered a criminal with a samurai sword.

We won't spoil the ending- the episode is available to watch at ABC's website.

Although this is latest fictitious RLSH to appear on a TV show, it isn't the first. A year ago, Heroes in the Night reported on the ABC police drama "Rookie Blue," which also featured a story with a RLSH named "The Guardian."

ALSO: Yesterday was the birthday of The Watchman and I joined him and his Challengers team mates Blackbird, Crimson Crusader and a new recruit, tentatively named Night Vision at his house for a grill out- bratwurst of course, this is Wisconsin. Happy birthday!


  1. Oh, this must be AWESOME. One can't wait to watch it.

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance

  2. Hi,

    I'm currently researching for my phd and I'm writing about vigilantism in American popular culture. I'm trying to find a copy of your book 'Heroes in the Night' which I've read has been published but I cannot seem to find a copy anywhere. Could you help, please?



  3. Maddie,

    Thanks much for your interest. Heroes in the Night will be out June 1, 2012. If there are any questions I can answer for you, I'll be glad to help you out- e-mail me direct at