Monday, October 10, 2011


Well, it's been a crazy weekend in Seattle. The media is blowing up with the story of Phoenix Jones being detained after intervening in a brawl. I was there. I witnessed the whole thing. I even got punched a couple times myself.

I will be giving a full account on the blog tomorrow. For now I want to dispute one thing- the people Phoenix disrupted WERE NOT DANCING/ "FROLICKING",or "having a good time."

They were beating the crap out of two people.


  1. I believe in Phoenix Jones. I'm appalled that in light of on-site evidence the Russian Gangsters were not cited and Mr. Jones clearly used significant restraint in his self-defense after being assaulted by several individuals.

  2. I watched the video. I saw a masked man assault a bunch of people (perpetrators of the beatings, victims, and onlookers alike) with a searingly painful weapon that attacks mucous membranes of anyone in a given area without discretion.

    This could have been handled so much better. Running in and getting physical only escalates violence.

  3. The question, to me, is not whether or not Phoenix Jones was breaking up a fight or not, the question is did he step out of bounds. Right now, I'll go with he did the wrong thing for the right reasons, but I trust your word, Tea, and I'll with hold any more judgments on the situation until I read what you have to say.

    Regardless of how this situation turns out, however, I think this should spark a heated by necessary debate amongst the community- Where is the line between community watchdog and Vigilante? When is the appropriate time to use force, or is there one? Also, what about accountability? If we are to say Phoenix stepped out of line, this has an impact on Superheroes, X Alts, and Costumed activists everywhere, doesn't it?

  4. I pity the Judge who presides this case, if it comes to that.

  5. We live in insane times. I'm not a perticular fan of Phoenix Jones himself, but the concept of the community policing itself because the law seems to not have the resources to take care of everything is sound.

    Just... I'm not sure what to say here on this specific case. I wasn't there (wrong side of the country) so I couldn't say if mace was an appropriate response or not but it could've been worse.

  6. it annoys me that a citizen has to go to such efforts to do what the police should be doing.

  7. Agent B is right on the money. He released video, after being arrested, that does not prove his innocence. Instead, his innocence was driven to the edge of town and had it's throat slit. Unless he actually has as many lawyers as he claims, and good ones at that, he is going to jail. Chances are that at the very least, every RLSH in Seattle now has a neon "kick me, SPD" sign on their back now.

    I just pray he doesn't get into more trouble while he's on bail, or alternative gets into enough to prove that he's criminally insane. Honestly, that might be the best way to salvage the situation.

    I don't think I can keep count of how many people are saying "I told you so." We were not organized enough to effectively reign him in (and probably never will be), and we are too organized for him him written off as some lone nutjob. Like it or not, every one of the RLSH is going to be seen as a potential PJ, and with good reason. Both the police and the community tried to police him, and failed miserably. Short of doing what I think the vast majority of the community would see as unthinkable and actually establishing some form of standards and organization, there is next to no way to prevent this from happening again.

    It's part of the territory. Either figure out how to effectively dissociate yourself or get a helmet.

    ...and probably a cake with a chainsaw inside.


  8. If One in not mistaken - and correct me if wrong; The Last time citizens had to protect themselves from a Phoenix Jones assault, it was done at gunpoint, and he received a broken nose as a result? One is glad no one needed to pull a gun on him to defend themselves this time - there was a crowd of people - and a camera crew in tow supporting and enabling his vigilante activities. That innocent brave citizens were able to drive this superhero away with shoes and with calls to the police is heartening.

    But there are superheroes as you know and have reported, that carry weapons more formidable than Mace/Tear gas as Jones does. Some even carry firearms. What more will innocent people need to do to protect themselves from these terrifying encounters? Who has to be harmed, who must pay the ultimate sacrifice for these childish games of playing superhero?

    Maybe THIS is just a wake up call - a chance to pivot and change course. Take stock of what has gone before, and what will come unless changes are made. One does not want to read about the gruesome carnage an armed superhero assault on innocent citizens would look like in these pages.

    -Lord Malignance

  9. You all that speak of these average people that are stepping up being dangerous and holding weapons, but yet you don't question these men that run around in blue and black and arrest innocent men and women? People are doing the right thing for once. And I'm glad.