Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEWS FLASH: Phoenix Jones Not Charged

Phoenix Jones displays a custom bullet proof "bat shield."

Yesterday I gave a report on "the incident" I witnessed firsthand between Phoenix Jones and a group of individuals who were fighting with each other. (See previous blog entry.)

Jones had a court date this morning and, as I predicted, he showed up to court wearing his mask and his "super suit" underneath a regular suit. He was asked to remove his mask by a court officer, which he did.

The Seattle City Attorney's Office did not file charges against Jones, but according to a report, "they still have the option to file charges in the case later."

After the hearing Jones put his mask back on, but outside he dramatically ripped it off and revealed his identity--Benjamin Fodor--to reporters. also reports this statement from Jones:

"There were no charges filed, so I will continue to patrol," Fodor told the group of reporters outside King County Jail, where he had the 9 a.m. hearing. "I'm gonna be out with my team probably tonight."

Additional note: "Other journalist" in this and other reports is me, Tea Krulos.


  1. Just as predicted. I hope the officer who caused all of this is reprimanded for wasting the courts and everyone's time.

  2. Superhero Vigilante escapes Justice. (This time). Citizens continue to live in fear of his next violent rampage. How much harm must he cause before he is finally put behind bars?

    Now, everyone knows his name/where he lives. How much more of his wanton antagonism can he expect innocent citizens to quietly suffer, before they retaliate against him? His family. His parents. His place of work. His Friends. Their Friends. His neighbors. People he even meets are now in danger.

    Criminals are a nasty lot. Why would he put his family and friends lives in danger just for his own selfish need for attention? Does he have children? Is this child endangerment now? Now that he's bringing angry criminals to his house - to his family?

    I hope that when they do finally capture him and sentence him for his reckless behavior risking innocent people's lives, that the judge presiding forces him to receive the psychiatric care he needs.

    -Lord Malignance

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