Thursday, December 8, 2011

HERO PROFILE #81-82: The Thylacine and Flying Fox

Operates out of: Melbourne, Australia

Team affiliation: The Fauna Fighters

Activities: Animal rights activism

Quote: "We're just everyday people, no better than anyone else, with a love of animals, the environment, a desire to better our community and a flair for the theatrical."


Author's notes: The Fauna Fighters caught my eye because of their wonderfully unique and Australian personas. The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger (actually a marsupial), was declared extinct in the 1930s. Many sightings, however, add to the legend that the species still exists in small numbers deep in the forests of Tasmania. The flying fox family, the genus pteropus, consists of the largest bats in the world. Several flying fox species that call Australia home are on the endangered species list.

The Fauna Fighters do not call themselves "Real Life Super Heroes" but say that the concept was an inspiration to them. They have called themselves "eco-vigilantes," "costumed activists" and "Watchmen of the Animal Kingdom." Their goal is to help find lost pets, collect supplies for animal shelters, raise awareness of animal habitats and "fighting the disgraceful practice of puppy farming and animal testing."

For example, in the video posted below, the duo speaks out against impulse buying of pets over the holidays.


  1. I've spoken to them - they're really cool.

  2. They seem like good people and they support a worthy cause. More power to them.

  3. I'm hitting twice as many squirrels today just because of that cringe-worthy video. What do you bet these two silly shitbirds support the ALF, too? Dogs go to doggy Heaven, these type of clowns yiff in Hell.


  4. LOL, Merry Christmas to you too Malvado!



  5. Helping innocent animals is a good cause, good luck...

    Iron Lamb (Netherlands)