Friday, December 30, 2011

HERO PROFILE #84: Beijing Bauhinia

AKA: Bauhinia Heroine aka Hong Kong Flower

Operates out of: Beijing, China

Group affiliation: None

Activities: Homeless outreach

Namesake: The bauhinia is the flower of Hong Kong, which Beijing Bauhinia gives out as a calling card.

Inspiration: The 1965 Hong Kong film Black Rose.

Quote: "Although I haven't solved the problem, at least I've caught the attention of citizens and government officials. That was my goal, and besides it's done more than some of the all-talking-no-action government officials."

Author's notes: A mysterious masked woman who aids the poor in Beijing has become a legend in China with 20,000 online followers and it looks like a possible Hong Kong movie version of her life is being produced. I'll be looking into this story further, but meanwhile check out more photos and articles on the Beijing Bauhinia here:
And here:


  1. It's all about the desire to serve and helping the helpless. All angels prefer to be unknown and unpaid...

  2. That costume doesn't look like it allows for much protection...

  3. Wow...this is awesome. Good luck and God speed to her.

  4. I found this on 9gag.
    God Bless her.<3:)

  5. If she reads this I would like ton invite her to join us on It would be an honor to speak with her.


  6. Keep up the Great work!