Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The missing Meth house. Photo by Thanatos.

As I type this, crowds are going nuts in the streets below. Canada’s men’s hockey has just had a sound victory over Russia, and there is much revelry in Vancouver.

More plains clothes work this morning. I’m wearing a black leather jacket and a black button up shirt. Thanatos also sports a black leather jacket and jeans. Knight Owl wears a Canadian themed pullover and a newsie hat. Victim’s T-shirt reads, “Thinking: It’s Not Illegal Yet.”

Thanatos drives Knight Owl, Motor-Mouth, Victim and I West, where we walk around Commercial Drive. The area has several homeless spread out on the street. Thanatos says another problem in this area is gay-bashing. We stopped at Commercial Drive and Third Avenue at a Waves coffee shop.
Thanatos told a story about going to a different Waves coffee in Gas Town. As he sipped a coffee there, he was surprised to see a couple openly cut up their cocaine at a table nearby. He called the cops, who showed up shortly and busted duo. Thanatos laughed in the background. The cops told him “this has nothing to do with you.”
Outside of this Waves, Thanatos spots a homeless man with a pigeon perched on his head. He goes out to talk to the man. The man tells him he was suicidal, but the pigeon saved his life.

Leaving Commercial Drive, we picked up Lady Catacomb to take a little road trip to the US/Canada border. As the guys exit the Thana-van at some point, I get a chance to ask Lady Catacomb about her husband’s transformation into a RLSH. She admits to some hesitation at first, commenting “It’s a hard decision when you have a family,” but she adds that she “is very supportive and proud of him for doing good in the world.” She often drives and films during his handout missions.

Thanatos wants back up to check out of suspected meth house. When we get there, it appears the problem is solved. The house is gone. Totally gone. Only a few scraps of wood are left.
We cruise around the border area, which Thanatos points out is wide, wide open as we cruise down Zero Avenue. He says once he took a wrong turn up here and ended up in the states by mistake.

After lunch at Rose’s café, where the table talk is about Meth production, effects, and prevention (Motor-Mouth’s loud takes on this and other subjects produce some shocked looks from nearby tables) we head to nearby Surrey.
We drive around Surrey, a sprawling urban area with many of the similar problems as Vancouver. After cruising the seedy back streets, we stop by the post office so Motor-Mouth can pick up his gear that has at last arrived from San Francisco.

I’m off for a pint now, them some rest before our 4AM handout for tomorrow morning.

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  1. There's a pigeon-wearing lady who rides Jet City transit.

    We don't know what this lady thinks of her pigeon-friend, but when we're forced to ride the bus, we always bring saltines. Just in case.