Thursday, February 18, 2010

FEMINISM-ism-isms and Side Bars

A week ago I posted a blog entry on "real life superhero" Terrifica, a woman who patrolled the bars of NYC in the early 2000's trying to keep an eye on women being taken advantage of in bad situations.
I was sure some of her comments on men would raise some eyebrows, and in fact it raised a lot of voices, with several comments here and over 60 at site HERE.

I appreciate debate and differences of opinion. One of the reasons I created this blog was for publicity, but the more important reason is that it serves as a writing tool. It allows me to post things I'm working on, see it in "print" and determine if I like it or not, see what needs to be edited or expanded on, get feedback from others, etc.

I'll give you an example with Terrifica. When I write about her, I will write some basics about who she is, using some quotes from the interview you read. Since there is a parallel topic that has developed, there will be a side bar.

I originally was not going to feature side bars in the book. They are often distracting and useless, but I've changed my mind. I think a few well placed side bars, like well placed footnotes, can offer insight while letting the main body of writing flow without getting sidetracked.

In this case, the short side bar will offer a couple of the people's criticisms of Terrifica that have been offered here, as well as the opinion of at least one supporter. (When I get around to creating this, I will be contacting the comments authors to get permission to quote.)

: I will be in Vancouver on Monday and will hopefully be blogging about it, journal style on a daily basis right here!

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