Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now THAT is a Hero House floor plan, but not the one being used for the show


As reported by several websites, including the Hollywood Reporter, the Independent Film Channel (IFC) has several new shows “in development.” Among these is a show titled “Hero House,” described simply as “a reality show about real-life heroes cleaning up troubled neighborhoods.”

Several unnamed sources have informed Heroes in the Night directly or indirectly about the filming of the pilot episode over the first weekend of November at an undisclosed location in New Jersey. The reports coming in have been…interesting… is the word I’ll use for now. As you might imagine, the production company behind the show, Red Line Films, and IFC have issued gag orders barring anyone involved from discussion about the show.

In respect of this, Heroes in the Night will only be reporting on publicly available information at this point.

Reactions to the show from the participants and the real life superhero community in general have been mixed, to say the least. Some of the “cast” have gone so far as to label themselves “siblings” of their fellow cast members and say the team work on the show has been a positive experience and will reflect that in the portrayal.

Others, such as New York City RLSH and www.reallifesuperheroes.org founder Dark Guardian have been very vocal in denouncing the show.

“I would like to officially announce that www.RealLifeSuperheroes.org and www.therlsh.net does not affiliate with this show in any way. We do not condone or support it in any way.” Dark Guardian posted in a message on the website(which can be seen HERE), continuing, “In fact we openly denounce the show and the production company Red Line Films. While we don’t support Red Line, we do in fact support our fellow heroes. Red Line Films has shown that it does not have real life superheroes interest at heart in this project.”

Dark Guardian added that he is working on writing articles about the production that will more clearly explain his stance.

Much about the show remains unknown, such as where the actual filming will take place and whether the Hero House itself will resemble a more traditional, Real World style housing unit or more of a Hall of Justice comic book image. In any case, like I said, it’ll be…interesting.

Updates will be reported here as they come across the desk.


  1. Dark Guardian must think his opinion matters because he owns a forum. That's so cute!

    I, on the other hand, will be looking for this show in the future. More possible canon-fodder, me hopes.

  2. Tea, you're working *very* hard to remove my cynicism about "journalistic objectivity." Respect. :)

  3. Thanks, Mega-Rad, I try.

    I am interested in what Dark Guardian writes about this- he's familiar with the production company and various people that have been associated with the project along the way.

  4. Tea Krulos,

    This is a remarkable story. Attempting to fulfill the adulation superheroes need for their very survival, what will they resort to - for ratings? Cannibalism? Drug Fueled Battles with psychic forces? Unspeakable acts of sexual depravity - upon each other, and themselves? This could be the microscope they fear almost as much as they fear the power of Lord Malignance.

    One will break down and pay the cable bill for this!

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance
    (Now to throw anonymous persuasions to Dark Guardian to totally lose his cool, and freak out about the whole thing. Which, considering Dark Guardian, would appear to be a couple hours worth of work.)

  5. Tea Krulos,

    One should apologize for that previous post. It appears there was too much chocolate in the afternoon. The sentiment is accurate, it's the grace and diplomacy (and courtesy for your blog) that was lacking.

    Sincerely, One is sorry.

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance