Thursday, November 11, 2010

HERO PROFILE #55: Purple Lotus

Operates out of: Boca Raton, FL

Activities: patrols, helps bar patrons get home safely

Quote: "FIGHT WIN!"

Author's notes: Local Milwaukee RLSH Blackbird recently traveled and met Purple Lotus and others for an undisclosed media project. Blackbird reports that the Lotus is an interesting, mystical fellow. I'm sure we'll hear more about Purple Lotus and the project he was part of soon.


  1. Wait, Boca, the old jewish people capital of the South needs a superhero? Has he managed to catch the prune-stealing Old Man Villain, by chance?

  2. Who do you think shows up at your house when you say "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" into your Life Alert Pendant of Shame?

    Purple Lotus. Aww, yeah.

  3. He's always seemed like a pretty nice guy to me.

  4. Purple Lotus is one of the coolest guys in this community. He's pretty laid back, always laughs at my jokes even when I'm not trying to be funny, and we always have fun and interesting conversations.

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  6. Actually, South Florida is a vast recovery community. There's always someone in need of experience, strength, and hope. Boca is a great place for the Lair. It's central to all of my patrol areas.

  7. Purple Lotus,

    I just recived your message on Facebook and for some reason could not reply. To answer your question; I defriended 204 RLSHs two weeks ago on Facebook because I got sick of seeing all their drama and backstabbing in the feed. I kept 60 of which I know fairly well and chat with. If you really wish to be my friend, send me a friendship request again and I will accept it.

    ~Captain Ozone