Saturday, January 15, 2011

Media Schmedia Quiz

Which of the following media outlets has contacted Heroes in the Night author Tea Krulos over the last week?

. America's Got Talent
B. The Wall Street Journal
C. Japanese Public Television
D. British documentary developer that does stuff for the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4
F. Manager of development of a company that produces shows like Super Nanny, The Marriage Ref, and Who Do You Think You Are?
G. Some guy from a LA production company that wants to make a reality TV show
H. Some guy from a Pennsylvania company that wants to make a reality TV show (or documentary)
I. A German magazine called VIEW.

The answer, of course, is J.

You might think this is great news for me, but it's not. Only one or two of the people on that list were actually interested in talking to me about me and my book (and no, sadly one of them wasn't America's Got Talent.)

The rest were hoping I could hook them up, or teach them the secret RLSH handshake or key card that would get them in- but most of all they wanted me to put them in contact with Phoenix Jones. Or if not Jones, someone near him, or a proxy in a rubber suit. And if you think that is a long, strange list, consider that word on the street is that inquires to Jones himself is probably close to ten times that.

I've just been forwarding these on and helping people when I can. Whatever.
My shrewd but sensible roommate, though, reminds me I have a book I need to promote. She thinks I'm being used.

"Krulos, every time any of these people ask you anything, mention your book. Don't talk about any other topic, answer every question with a tie in to your book," She told me sternly yesterday.

In the long run any sort of media with the RLSH is good for me and my book, Heroes in The Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement. But I agree- I have put a lot of work writing this, so it is annoying when someone first hears about RLSH at 9AM this morning, does a Google search, and then decides you- Heroes in the Night author Tea Krulos- needs to do them a favor at 10AM instead of doing any research or work themselves.

So, to all you various media types, reality show developers, news agencies,and game show hosts- sure, we can talk. Drop me a line ( )- but be prepared to talk about my book- Heroes in the Night. That's Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement.

Now, I'm off to practice my tap dancing for my America's Got Talent audition.


  1. Why not have a discussion, the next time 'they' call, about why it is that you're knee deep in this movement and trusted by, I dare say, all of it's members, and 'they' are not. Might get some people to think. Guessing they don't have the time though, seeing as how they are so busy making sure the headlines don't get away...

  2. Rooster, could you rephrase that in a way that is less intelligent, will make more money, and has good moments to break into commercials?

  3. I'm afraid not, sadly selling out gives me a rash...

  4. Seriously, though, I agree with your roommate. I'm not much for self-promotion, but if they're prepared to just roll in and take advantage of all the hard work you've put into this, then yeah, knock 'em over the head with the book every chance you get.

  5. Good for you Tea! I mean about the tap dancing practice of course... shame on you for not giving away free work and selling out.

  6. Whoops my bad... two of those above mentioned groups contacted me. I referred them to you.

  7. @ Zack: Ha, hey man! By the way, I really enjoyed the last post you did about superhero minors. For those reading this, Zack does an excellent blog that examines how law would apply to superheroes (and in some cases,that means RLSHs, too)

    @ PK, thanks, keep referring. I've just got to figure a way to get them interested in a book.

  8. @Tea: Thanks, I have been trying to increase my post frequency now that I have some competition. I'm really enjoying your blog as well and glad to see your name pop up so much with recent RLSH press even if only a portion is converted to an interest in your project.

  9. @Tea: Good, hawk your book like only an author who loves the material can - in which case, I as a potential reader/customer have to ask: Where can I go to learn more about how to get a copy of your book and how much? Has it been published yet or is it being self published? If going the route of not self published, why not work these behind the scenes "Hollywood" types for their own contacts to publishers and the book promotion interviews? If they can't produce the goods, they aren't worth your time, they should be able to bring something to the table if they are legit. Do you have a lawyer and a agent to help you getting the most you can out of any deals related to your book? And I hope its not too much to ask, but could you find a publisher willing to sell it in/with a format that allows it to be read electronically? Beyond that I also hope it is affordable, readers in Canada tend to get taken to the cleaners on book prices despite our dollars being so close to each other in value.

  10. Canadian Wolverine-

    Thanks for the interest. I will answer these as best I can, and might be useful to refer other people to this as a FAQ.

    - The book is not yet published, but I hope it is soon. It is time. I don't want to self publish, but will if I have to. This is very similar to the scene in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf decides to lead the group into the mines of Moria. He knows it's a rough decision but does it anyway.

    -Working Hollywood types for their contacts is a good idea, but I'm not good at it. I like writing, not schmoozing.

    - I do have two young lawyers who have/will help with legal advice. I am talking to a potential agent.

    -I do think it'll be available in electronic form- it seems pretty easy to make available, even if (and maybe more so) you are self publishing.

    -I hope it is affordable, too. I have limited income so I know how much it sucks to pass up a book you want to buy because the money means a bag of groceries.

    Thanks for the questions, CW- glad to answer questions anytime.

  11. Tea, your book is going to be great! Self promotion is a requirement in the business side of writing. I agree with your and shrewd and sensible rm: use every opportunity. Make up a short self-promotion script to use with anyone who contacts you for a secret "in" to RLSHs. When you're ready to publish, go to a few of the writing conferences where you can submit your manuscript for crit and have opportunities to meet agents. This is an exciting subject on many levels, and I believe that it *will* sell to a traditional publisher.

    If you decide to self-publish, commit to it fully and don't treat it like something to fall back on. If you self-pub, you'll have to do a lot more promotion on your own, to get the sales. Really, blogger and Facebook are great free tools, but you should have a professional author website up, too. They are cheaper to make and upkeep (e.g. $5 a month) than you might think.

    You've put the time in; you've done the footwork. Don't sell yourself short! (*rah! rah!*)

  12. 6th Nut: Thanks for the encouraging words and excellent advice. I hope it all comes together soon, I'm ready to roll!