Thursday, January 13, 2011

HERO PROFILE # 58: Urban Avenger

Operates out of: San Diego, CA

Group affiliation: Xtreme Justice League

: Night crime patrols, hand outs

: Flashlights, handcuffs, marbles, multi-tools, pepper spray, rescue knife, stun gun, zip ties

Quote: "Primarily I am a crime fighter but I believe in helping out wherever and whenever I possibly can. The world cannot change if we do not contribute somewhere. The mask means nothing if the man behind it does not act." -from Urban Avenger's Real Life Superheroes wiki page

Author's note: You can see video patrol logs of Urban Avenger here


  1. Good guy. I'm surprised he hadn't already been written up...


  2. Surprising that his Equipment includes marbles. He's clearly lost his.

  3. Urban is a good guy. He's one of the best of the new guys last year.

    Anonymous: Ahahaha. Nice try at wit. Come back with an account and try again. Thanks.

  4. The toy known as a yo-yo was originally devised to be a weapon. However, being the inventive creatures that we are, it was adapted to a more benign use. So in the spirit of the good Midnight Detective, your bashing of Urban Avengers creativity was a rather weak attempt at humor.

  5. Not a huge fan of this guy. Myself and a few others have known him to be kind of two-faced.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Tea. Of course the only people that attack me hide behind anonymity. its okay, I don't mind having enemies, it means I am doing something right.

    1. lol retaliation for the win, i faught crime once. rammed its head into a light post down town

  7. im in san diego and just found out about this real life superhero many are in san diego? how do i get in touch?
    would there be anyway to join?

  8. Anonymous, feel free to email me at to get in touch with me about joining us. We patrol all throughout san diego county. We'd be very excited to hear from you.

  9. This guy might be okay as a superhero but he also thinks it gives him license to be a jerk to others in his personal life. He is mistaken.

  10. This guys should take some lessons from Phoenix Jones.

  11. yeaaaa i fought crime once
    but then i realized down town was really far

  12. urban avenger. a good guy, with good intentions, but I´m asking me if someone, at least one of these real-life superheroes, will fight the real crime, and not only breking fights, the also have to go, and find the way to stop the thieves, murderers, corrupts,and maybe the mafia...

  13. Batman " i'm not wearing hockey pants" :)) , anyway keep the good fight guys. Greetings from Romania and from another one like you.