Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mr. Xtreme has his giant eyeballs looking out for the Chula Vista Groper

Mr. Xtreme
, of San Diego, spent a couple days last week at the Slamdance film festivel, helping promote the documentary film Superheroes, which follows him and other Real Life Superheroes around the country. (See write up HERE)

Upon returning home, he and his team, the Xtreme Justice League, set their sights on trying to track down a horny handed assailant know as the "Chula Vista Groper." (The group also includes Urban Avenger, who was profiled recently HERE) The group is currently patrolling and canvassing the area the attacks took place with flyers of a police sketch of the groper, who has been terrorizing women in Chula Vista for 4 months.

A report on the effort can be found at CBS Channel 8, San Diego at the link below.

***UPDATE: Fox 5 of San Diego also ran a piece on this:,0,1211973.story

And on NEWS 10:

The three reports have differences, yet are similar in tone.


  1. p.s.- Something I found very interesting was that this report was pretty much straight, normal reporting that skipped the whole "whoa- garsh, superheroes...and they're real, OMG" angle that so many evening news pieces love to bust out.

  2. "straight" -man you mean. The comedy was much more subtle, allowing Mr. XTreme to setup and deliver the punchlines rapidfire and completely deadpan. The hilarity was mostly physical, as he would stand as far away as possible and stretch and reach to hand out the flyers. Because he was so ridiculously scary looking. Selective editing must have edited out the majority of people running away. His badge! His handcuffs! Too priceless.

    Still - it IS a crime going on, and these things can escalate. If he manages to actually help at all, and spread awareness, it's something. The monster face on his helmet, his stun weapon, and other arsenal not encouraging others to carry and brandish such weapons, might be more harm than good.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. *facepalm*

    ...This guy again? It's amazing how he suddenly is launching this "man-hunt" in the face of his appearance in a documentary. I wonder how his two previous man-hunts are going. The ones that resulted in zero arrests or leads..? Yeah, this guy again.

  4. I went for a walk on Saturday to the library and found one of the XJL's fliers on a telephone pole a block away from the library and police station.
    I'd like to invite him to come east of 3rd Avenue with his efforts; I didn't see one darn flier east of 3rd Avenue and I wonder just how effective this campaign he's running can possibly be if he ignores the bulk of Chula Vista.

  5. Assembled League of Villains-

    I actually think this is great RLSH media. All three reports pretty much treat the story with respect- sure, one reporter says he's "goofy looking" (which I think is hypocritical, because seconds later he's doing cheeseball superhero special effects) but the same reporter ends by saying more people should be out there doing it.

    The reports also shows a RLSH doing something that is actually useful instead of aimlessly wandering around. Canvassing with fliers is something cops don't always have a lot of time to do, and Mr. Xtreme even gets a nod from a cop in one of the reports.

    I think he is shown "raising awareness"- in a somewhat strange way, sure, but a good use of the media.

    To be honest, his giant eyeballs are a little freaky, though.

  6. I still question the need for costumes to do community-oriented action. Maybe more people (folks from every walk of life, not just the coveted 18-35 male and their girlfriends demographic) would pitch in if it wasn't a niche group with a costumed dress code.

    Whatever happened to neighborhood watches?

  7. I agree completely; watching your neighborhood is a basic civic duty, not something that should be sensationalized. I suppose in the era of instant gratification, simple civic duty has been overshadowed by the "look at me look at me" factor.

  8. You don't need the costume- but why not? If this guy can get the grip on the groper, who cares?

  9. "Personal distaste" isn't reason enough?

  10. "Get a grip on the groper?"

    Dude. He's assaulted 13 women in my home city.
    This is not a comic book.

  11. Personal distaste is a reason not to like him personally.

    Let me ask this, though- handing out flyers with a sketch of the groper and information on who to contact (the police) if someone sees said groper- is that a helpful thing to do, costume or not?

    The costume maybe doesn't help, but does it hurt?

  12. Of course it isn't personal. It's a ribbing of a public figure who has made themselves public. It's not like these guys *accidently* caught criminals while they happened to be wearing costumes. (Maybe the world would be better if that's the way it really went instead of costumes first, crimefighting second.)

    When you thrust yourself into the spotlight, claiming to stand for morals higher than the rest of the plebs, saying that "no one does anything", don't you want to stand up and say "people do lots, they don't need a rodeo clown to take credit for 'being inspirational' after the fact".

    Granted, it's not a public service for us to knock some sense into these guys, but hobbies are by nature selfish pursuits.

    Some people collect stamps, some people go fly fishing... I poke fun at aspiring celebrities who wear silly clothes.

    Supervillainy: It's my anti-drug. ;)

  13. "I poke fun at aspiring celebrities who wear silly clothes."

    That is fair, Beryllium.Public figures should expect ridicule, that is the nature of things.

    For the record, I've never spoken to or had any communication with Mr. Xtreme. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying arguing on his behalf. All villain commenters and no superheroes? Huh.

  14. wouldn't you guys enjoy actually contributing to your communities instead of talking a bunch of shit and pointless debate on the all mighty internets? and smeagol what the fuck are YOU doing to make chula vista better asshole? I live here too, these attacks happened blocks from where I live, and we are focusing on the areas where the attacks occured. maybe if you actually did some research instead of just talking shit online you'd see all the attacks occurred in a specific part of town. I've patrolled every single day since thursday trying to find this punk and another guy near SDSU who attacked a girl the week before last.


  15. What am I doing to make Chula Vista better?
    Well, for starters I'm a teacher. I'm trying to bring the next generation back from the brink.
    You know what's funny about what I do? I get jack shit respect from it, zero recognition, shitty benefits, and I'm going to be laid off about a week before I'm eligible for my retirement benefits because the City of Chula Vista will decide that's cheaper than paying me the benefits I earned.

    But at least your kids can grow up learning science and math, even if they're just going to fuck it up for themselves in the long run with booze and drugs and apathy.

    That's what I do; I try to hold back that apathy for one more day for just one kid. If I can do that, it's all worth it, even if I'll never see the results of my labors.

    What the fuck do you do?

  16. Marc, Manchester UKFebruary 1, 2011 at 2:28 AM

    Just a small thought, but don't you have Neighbourhood Watch in America? Here in the UK we have groups of people who patrol areas and help keep crime levels down. They don't wear costumes or claim to be superheros though. I'm not sure what's so super about what you guys are doing. I'm still fairly baffled by all this stuff.

  17. Marc, Manchester UKFebruary 1, 2011 at 3:22 AM

    On another note, Urban Avenger your rant is clearly the product of a dysfunctional mind. That, and your penchant for hiding your face in public, makes me suspect that YOU might be the groper.

  18. Marc,

    Neighborhood watch groups vary quite a bit depending on where you are here. Some towns that don't really need a neighborhood watch have an elaborate one, some major crime areas have none- people are too afraid they'll be victimized as "snitches."

    I was part of one in my neighborhood, and here is what I found the problem to be- people are easy to motivate around an event (someone gets shot, a groper at large, or in the case of my group two of my friends had been mugged)but as the weeks and months go on, the group starts to unravel- the weather is bad, I'm not going, it's my sister's birthday, I'm not going, etc. Egos and drama sometimes come into play.
    The group slowly disappears.

    I'm not saying all watch groups are like this, I'm sure many are a success and have longevity. But many don't.

    I just thought I'd speculate on that. I can't say whether a masked, caped, Xtreme man is an equitable alternative to a neighborhood watch.

  19. That's exactly my point about all of this. Neighborhood watches are a perfectly acceptable activity to get involved in. Just because you do it doesn't make you a hero; it makes you a socially responsible citizen. Wearing a costume and adopting a colorful moniker doesn't afford you any extra philanthropy points; if anything, it only cheapens what you're doing to the level of a publicity stunt.

  20. ... and following up on Smeggie's comment, before we launch back into the "but publicity for crime prevention is a GOOD thing!" argument, I should remind you that local crime has it's own prime time television show (i.e. the local news) and it doesn't really NEED a mascot in a costume**.

    The RLSH thing reduces neighborhood safety to a fad, and in order to participate you have to be "part of the group" with your very own carefully orchestrated cosplay outfits. It reduces every one else who wants to help but isn't wearing a mask to "supporting characters" in your own comic book fantasy.

    That's what the costume is for, right? To focus attention? On yourself?

    And if it wasn't meant to focus attention on yourself, why on earth pick a name and made sure everyone you meet knows what it is?

    ** Except for McGruff the crime dog. He's still six kinds of awesome.

  21. Serious question here and not meant to flame anyone (although I'm sure some will take it as such.) If, using the logic that a RLSH does not need a costume or alias to do what they do then doesn't that mean that a "RLSV" should not need to use a costume or alias to do what they do?

    He's handing out fliers to try and stop someone who is doing something bad. Shouldn't that matter more than what he is wearing?

  22. Encyclopedia Dramatica got it right when it said all I did was slap some goggles on my head. That and a little creative makeup.

    Some of us are born cosplayers, and some of us never get farther than a google image search for an appropriate blog avatar. Villainy is cool like that. No time or materials commitment, just show up and be entertaining.

  23. I'm going to start handing out fliers to raise community awareness, dressed up like Dr. Frankenfurter (because I've got great legs, damn it.)

    Since, as you attest, it shouldn't matter what I'm wearing, my mission should be a smashing success. People will only see the mission and not the fishnet stockings and bustier I'm wearing.

  24. Well, you won't know until you try- maybe you'll have great success with it!

    Maybe you'll even inspire theaters full of people to go out and do good deeds dressed as the colorful cast instead of sitting in a theater watching the same movie every Saturday night.

  25. We can throw toast at people!
    Tea Krulos, you have inspired me to form the League of Rocky Horrors.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Smeagol you miss the point I am making but that's okay. Like I said, if so many RLSVs have an issue with a RLSH wearing a costume or uniform do when in costume then why do so many RLSVs follow suit? Apparently the RLSVs apply a negative connection to it when a RLSH does it but are you saying that it's okay when an RLSV does it? Why the double standard?

    I disagree on the costume diminishing the efforts of those who do not wear them. Whether you stop a crime in costume or out of one, the bottom line is you stopped a crime. Whether a good samaritan pulls a person out of a fire wearing a costume or in plain clothes the point is they have the balls to step into the fire at their own risk and save a life. A guy on the street starving or thirsty doesn't care if the person handing him a decent meal or a blanket is dressed as "average Joe" or something elaborate.

    I wish people would stop focusing so much on the superfluous and start focusing on what is trying to be accomplished.

    And Smeagol, I respect your profession as a teacher just as I respect your service to this country even if we really don't get a long. But something you told Urban Avenger brought this to mind. You're trying to hold back that apathy for one more day. By Mr. Xtreme passing out fliers, he's trying to raise awareness about a serious danger to his community. In this respect he is also fighting apathy just as you are. He is simply doing it in an unconventional & dare I'd say harmless manner.

    There are a myriad of different ways to solve a problem. Using a "think outside the box" method does not make it wrong.

    Anyways I've said what I need to say. Keep up the good work Mr. Xtreme and I hope your efforts help nab that pervert. I'm not here to get into a fight with anyone. I'm just here to voice my opinion.

    And throwing food at others is rude...unless you throw cheese in which I offer no resistance whatsoever.

  28. But... toast.
    Throwing cheese doesn't make sense in the context of the League of Rocky Horrors.


    *wanders away sadly*

  29. Marc, Manchester UKFebruary 2, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    Agent Beryllium, I notice that according to the ED you have the powers of anorexia and bulimia. I have the powers of acid reflux and chronic wind. Maybe we should do a titan team-up.

  30. Ha! We can call ourselves "The Undigestibles"!

  31. Love the name! Can my 2 year old son be a sidekick? He goes by the name Pottymouth and has the power to fill a nappy (diaper?) with toxic goo.

  32. Smeagol I appreciate your line of work. Being a teacher is a tiring thankless job, one I once considered, except I reallly don't have the patience to deal with a new generation of punks like the ones I grew up with. I actually wouldn't mind meeting up with you somewhere to discuss what a RLSH really is and maybe you can understand this community from someone's perspective who is in very deep, and has communicated extensively with a lot of the veterans. I really wouldn't mind that.

    Plus, anyone is free to email me anytime:

  33. Wow, your attitude made an abrupt change when I mentioned I was a teacher.

    ...Which just tells me that you're about as sincere as a sea sponge.

    And not as cuddly.

  34. Marc, Manchester UKFebruary 3, 2011 at 2:59 AM

    Urban Avenger, I find your comment about 'punks' a little unsettling, considering you claim to be a super hero. My partner works in child protection. She works with 'punks' on a daily basis. Do you understand the complexity involved in child protection, teaching, or any other profession that involves young people? I don't think you do and I also think that your sweeping generalisation about 'punks' makes you distinctly unqualified to be a 'super hero', or even just a bloke in a costume doing work in the community.

    You clearly harbour a great deal of animosity towards one of the largest sections of society. Are you sure you wouldn't be better suited working as a taxi driver? That way you would have a captive audience for your bitterness.

  35. Marc the first post I saw with your name on it wondering about the RLSH community had negative tone of generalization about it as well as have most others that have followed. It's more like you really didn't come into this to learn anything but prefer to remain in a negative frame of mind. Merely an observation. Take it as you see fit.

  36. Marc, Manchester UKFebruary 3, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    No Mister Jingles, you're wrong. If you want me to be blindly supportive of RLSH then you'll be sorely disappointed. I'm asking questions and making comments which are intended to be lighthearted. Maybe there's a cultural crossing of wires here. British wit is notoriously sarcastic.

  37. Perhaps this will convince you that I'm not merely posting comments to poke fun at your movement. This is my facebook status update from last night:

    "This is a great blog about the mainly American movement know as Real Life Super Heroes. The author, Tea Krulos, is writing a book about the many weird and wonderful characters who populate the movement. It is an entirely odd thing indeed..."

  38. Thanks Marc, for posting that. And welcome to the blog, Britons!

  39. Animosity? No, not at all. But I'll tell you one bully who tormented me through much of junior and high school went to prison for many years for violent and other dangerous crimes.

    So I see it as I call it. Oh and those people who did not pick on me but called me friend? Well they went on to places like stanford and johns hopkins university.

  40. There are teachers that deserve our respect and then there are the ones that don't - I remember them, they would be all too ready to criticize certain students, maybe because they were poor, traumatized, learned material in different fashion than the accepted/expected norm, they were a different skin color, or just because they were filled with apathy, loathing, resentment, and hate. I've had a teacher like you before Smeagol - "even if they're just going to fuck it up for themselves in the long run with booze and drugs and apathy." - he was a racist asshole, who would give the best marks on a writing assignment only if it was about fishing and you didn't have darker, browner skin pigment.

    What the fuck do you do, indeed. Bunch of fucking forum trolls calling themselves villains, what a joke. Why don't you let us know when you graduate to being a real villain when you are being hunted by law enforcement for doing something that is in fact villainous. Oh wait, I know what this is, you must be students of Republi-Cons, Fox News and Carl Rove, correct?

  41. Yeah...that will work. Send this guy to the Otay neighborhood in Chula Vista. He'll put fear into the gangsters there. Pffffftttt!

  42. Oh...and BTW...why does this guy only look for crime in the nice parts of Chula Vista?

  43. Actually I patrol all parts of chula vista. Since its so big I have to break it up over two nights, but I do.

  44. Bull. If you actually patrolled the whole of Chula Vista my car wouldn't have had its tire slashed and the side of my house wouldn't have been tagged the other night.

    Unless of course it was you who did it in a bid to make me see how much we "normal" people need you.

    If so, well played... but I'm not convinced.

  45. where were the cops jack ass? maybe you should arrange a neighborhood watch with normal people that you won't mock because they aren't different. but I forgot, you're too busy sitting on your lazy ass talking shit on the internet to do anything constructive or positive.

  46. Actually I'm too busy working 14 hours a day to support my family.

    But close enough.

  47. If looking like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is what it takes to be a "real life super hero", I can see why they are getting so much press...They are the new "village fools".

    Doctor Killjoy

  48. From US Navy Sailor

    If these RLSHs really wanted to draw that much attention to themselves then they wouldn't be hiding their identity. Most of them seem to cover their face. I don't know Mr. Xtreme's real name, because whenever I hear a report about him, or see him passing out fliers that isn't what I'm hearing. All I see is a colorful outfit drawing attention to a piece of paper with the face of a bad guy on it. I know what this Groper looks like because of Mr. Xtreme. And maybe I wouldn't have if it had just been some guy passing out a flier looking like he's trying to sell something. The true mark of a hero is knowing that those you save will never know who you are.

  49. ... Isn't that a little like saying Lady Gaga must only be in it for the good of others because she doesn't use her real name?

    If these so-called heroes abided by the "it's heroic because they don't know who you are" excuse then they would be truly NAMELESS (not just re-named into something catchier and more memorable than their real names could ever be) and FACELESS (not colorfully masked).

    Going to these extra lengths to be memorable would be the OPPOSITE of this so-called "heroic humility".