Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How's the Book Going?

Bewildered author Tea Krulos. Photo by Paul Kjelland.

I get asked this a lot, so I thought it was time for an update on Heroes in the Night.

When I first started serious work on this in April 2009, I was very naive and thought I would be cranking out a book on Real Life Superheroes in six months, nine months. Yes, I could have done that, but it would have been a total joke book. I decided I needed to take the proper amount of time to do the book right, however long that may be- 2 years, 3 years, 5 years whatever.

I could go into all kinds of reasoning, but it can be summed up by this- its my first book and I don't want it to suck.

This has all been quite a challenge because the RLSH story is a very quickly evolving one. Looking at stuff I wrote a year ago looks highly outdated in areas. A few months ago I began rewriting the chapters so they are more streamline, readable, and updated. I have finished the drafts for the first six chapters. The first four are currently being edited by a mentor to me, Jan, the editor of the Riverwest Currents. When these have been edited I will be making another (my third) round of trying to sell the book.

I will unveil these first six chapters and a brief synopsis:


I describe my first meeting with The Watchman in a frozen city park and give an overview of who the RLSH are.


I recall my early meetings patrolling with The Watchman, and go more in depth into who he is, and also my meeting the man known as MoonDragon.

This chapter talks about the influence of superheroes on our culture and examines them as an American mythology. I write a bit about the Golden Age of comics, Alan Moore and Watchmen, Batman and other heroes, and discuss "comic book revisionism" with Flaming Carrot/ Mystery Men creator Bob Burden. I also talk about some non comic book related stuff, like 9/11 and Kitty Genovese.


The secret history of RLSH is discovered in this tour of a dozen people who created their own costumed personas from 1969- the early 2000s.


This chapter looks at opposite ends of the spectrum- "costumed activists" and "crimefighters," both groups that distance themselves from the term "RLSH." Several people from both groups are described briefly. Also, author Tea Krulos finds himself in an odd situation in Washington DC.


Back in the Midwest, I recall my meeting with Razorhawk and Celtic Viking in Saint Paul to search for a missing college student, a rolling patrol with Geist through the streets of Rochester, and a GLA meet up in dowtown Minneapolis.

This is mainly an account of my weekend at the Superheroes Anonymous 3 conference in New Bedford, Massachusetts in September 2009.

And now I am moving on to revisit Chapter 7. Let's keep those doggies rollin'!


  1. Tea Krulos,

    One will ask this question as others might not wish to seem obvious; Have you a section on R.O.A.C.H., and the concerns of citizens against superheroes? Reasoned arguments and honest concerns. About superhero illegal surveillance, fear mongering, intimidation, illegal weapons, heroes carrying firearms on their patrols, drug use, Cloud Starchaser, documented incidents of intimidation to others of their kind including threats of violence. The ArchAngels and their particular intolerance and harassing and threatening emails sent to their detractors, and the Skiffy Mascot and his threats of a gun rampage of murder. And all these things, found easily online. The cause that prompted these behaviors? Nothing more than reasonable citizens concerned over their shared safety and the ability of their authorized law enforcement agencies to do the jobs they have been mandated to perform.

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance

  2. Lord Malignance,

    There is a chapter on superhero criticism and RLSVs. And I think One might appreciate that the chapter title is a Maligna-quote.

  3. Tea Krulos,

    Hah! Oh it will probably be one of those dumb things One keeps saying, but One is heartened that there will be concerns addressed. It adds depth to the work, and demonstrates thoroughness in research.

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance

  4. "Oh please, oh please, make sure we get our 15 seconds of fame as well! We're nothing like those RLSH. We NEVER want attention."

    One would be wise to bring up the harassment done by R.O.A.C.H. and how R.O.A.C.H. have hurt people in real life.

    One would be wise to point out how obsessive R.O.A.C.H. members are. Every R.O.A.C.H. member spends their free time gathering every little bit of information about RLSH. RLSH spend very little time collecting information about R.O.A.C.H. Every R.O.A.C.H. member is either a coward, a drug user, and/or a general failure in life.

    One would be wise to point out that RLSV act exactly like RLSH. R.O.A.C.H. members have their own dick measuring contest. R.O.A.C.H. members are constantly fighting with each other like drama llamas. One should ask Krampus what he thinks of R.O.A.C.H.

    One would be wise to point out that R.O.A.C.H. has not contributed to anything other than poor blogging. R.O.A.C.H. used to stand for the LULZ. R.O.A.C.H. is a group of weak willed bloggers who lack any real skills or enough sense to make a profit. The Potentate understood that trolling must make a profit. R.O.A.C.H. is RLSH/X-Alts/mentally deficient children who need to escape from the real world by building a fantasy life. R.O.A.C.H./RLSH/X-Alts are Second Life but for the mentally ill.

  5. Answer in two parts (Blogger Limitation);
    Part 1


    One will answer your questions with truth, for Villains do not fear scrutiny. We Should be questioned, just as superheroes should. That Villains have real concerns over masked vigilantes carrying dangerous weapons, some with pronounced mental disorders is not seeking fame. For example: Have you ever read any interview anywhere with Lord Malignance? There is no search for fame here, you see me through the lens of heroes, when it is inapplicable.

    When speaking of ROACH, you must differentiate between members of ROACH, and unaffiliated Villains. Oneself is not a member of ROACH. If you have specific instances you wish to site, specify if ROACH, or if Villain. Again, there is no fear of being questioned. If someone has been hurt in real life, please provide information. To One's knowledge, Villains have consistently stood against violence by any. Heroes AND Villains.

    As to collecting information: Again, site evidence, and specify if ROACH of if unaffiliated VIllain. You should know that One has never used the name of a Real Identity - hero or Villain. You can google search, or look anywhere. It has never been done. Why? Because One does not care about information about heroes. If you think One searches, you are wrong. Often times, the most embarrassing information is omnipresent. Like being an ArchAngel. One didn't look for that - it was channel chatter in multiple locations, mostly from your own writings.

  6. Part 2

    Drama Llamas - One likes that. Yes, Villains fight (mostly me) but it is because we have ideas and we are passionate about them. There is no Enmity with Villains, and any Villain One associates with is also a friend. You may ask that person you speak of, but seeing as how he has threatened lives with a gun rampage, One thinks he is poor character witness for your cause. Please see his blog for your own evidence.

    Your last points: Poor blogging, One alone must take credit for. One would only say that while poor now, One is much better than when One started. Profit is relative: You find value where you look. If it's to be money, you may harvest it. If it's to be power, that too is present. If it is something else, that too may be found. Again, we ARE different people, with strong wills and ideas. Each with a viewpoint that (while sometimes disagreed with) is respected none the less.

    Real World/Fantasy? Bah. If you are a very Evil Villain, characters are tools -extensions of your will, that you exercise to purpose. Villains are perhaps more aware of Real World vs Fantasy than superheroes.

    One has answered you truly Tothian. If you have more questions, One will answer them here, or where you choose.

    You will Crouch before me,
    -Lord Malignance

  7. R.O.A.C.H. is a group of bloggers. R.O.A.C.H. members associate with RLSV's. Both use similar methods of hazing and trolling in association to RLSH. Archangels are to RLSH as is RLSH are to R.O.A.C.H. Unless Lord Malignance declares there is a division of RLSH, there should be no point in dividing RLSV.

    One must point out that Lord Malignance uses a blog that is connected to Twitter. When Lord Malignance copypasta popular news reports, Google "spiders" the blog as well. Copypasta gains web views. Lord Malignance also advertises his blogs. RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. advertise blogs and internet podcast. Advertising blogs is what RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels do. RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. Both groups use same methods of broadcasting.

    This viewer has read multiple posting and articles on RLSV/R.O.A.C.H., specially on i09 and Seattle Weekly. RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. are no different than RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels.

    Both groups are similar. Both groups are the same. The group is RLSV/R.O.A.C.H./ RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels. Both groups morally strive to be polar opposites, but are the same group of mentally ill people. Both groups compensate for shitty lives by playing dress up. Remove the mask in each group and there still exist a person unable to function in conventional society. Both groups are anti-social by nature. One group does weak feats while the other sits at Face-space-itter to bully. Both groups are of the same coin that needs to be discontinued.

    RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. have not utilize real names. It would be wise for RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. to refrain from using real names because there is a justified fear of internet cyber bulling. Multiple blogs by RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. make declarations about superior internet trolling, most of which had any real world impact. Where are the victories when it exist on the internet? Had any RLSV/R.O.A.C.H. made profit? No. The only RLSV/R.O.A.C.H./ RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels had been Phoenix Jones, Master Legend, and myself. The Potentate had the right idea- Trolling Shadow Hare to make profit. Otherwise the RLSV/R.O.A.C.H./ RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels are what the internet calls Moralfags.

  8. *had not any real world impact* This visitor apologizes for error in drafting.

  9. Before the RLSV/R.O.A.C.H./ RLSH/X-Alts/Archangels ask questions about my motives, I recommend that inquirers visit my site at It is a site that caters to aficionados of lemonade and human expression.

  10. Tothian,

    One will help you understand two things;
    1) ROACH is an organization Ruled by the Potentate. It's members are chosen, and have guidelines that they must adhere to. Unaffiliated Villains in Ones Peerage are both ROACH members and Villains who are not members of ROACH. ROACH is not responsible for the actions of Villains who are not members of their number. Both the unaffiliated Villains and those members of ROACH who are associates and friends are so because they have proven themselves worthy of association. RLSV are unknown to me. For an understanding of their methods and intentions you must ask them. X-Alts are also unknown (One doesn't search for this information, when it becomes known or interesting, One will find out).

    2) As an Angel (Messenger of God) you should understand this better, but One will point out; One does use blogger and twitter and various other avenues to promote not Oneself, but the message. Compare to you ArchAngels; You seem to promote not the Message of the Creator, but instead your own celebrity. Take a vow of poverty, give away all your Earthly possessions, and then speak as a prophet, but not as an ArchAngel. If One left tomorrow, the message would remain, and be carried by others.

    Hint: The Message is "Villainy". When you can understand what that means, you'll understand why it's important to be carried and promoted, and that it isn't important who carries it. The messenger is not the message.

    -Lord Malignance
    ("Lord" in this case refers to a fuedal title denoting land ownership and service to the crown. It is not a religious designation.)

  11. Wow, both of you seem to suffer from the same mental illness - an elevated sense of self importance. Make sure when you get off the short little yellow buses that you don't trip and fall.

  12. Anonymous,

    Your contributive effort to the conversation is no more than a drive by insult anonymously?

    One thinks you know your way around these short yellow buses too well.

    You may crouch.
    -Lord Malignance

  13. You appear to have attracted some wankers with this post though...

  14. Marc, Manchester UK,

    One is not afflicted by the weakness of regency, as are you and the people you represent with your name/location. My title must therefore remind you of your birth station in your society, and this perhaps prompts your clumsy venom. One could lower myself down to your level and return colorful English gutter gibber to you, but instead will allow you this: By your statement you demonstrate discourtesy to strangers, making clear you were raised poorly, of low station, and from an inferior culture. We know this is not so, and as Gentlemen you and Oneself know what must be done to correct your overstep.

    One would not imagine going to a Brittish website, speaking about Brittish concerns, and post such rudeness to one of your countrymen in my ignorance, and would expect you to find it equally discourteous if One had followed your example.

    One awaits a demonstration of civility and courtesy from someone representing a culture that brought forth wonders to the world.

    Your humble servant,
    -Lord Malignance

  15. Wankers is a rather mild way of describing the level of lunacy a person gathers from a conversation between Tothian and Lord Malignance. Each of them questioning the acuity of their respective sanity is like the proverbial pot badgering the kettle for being black. Suffice to say they are without question delusional, believing that in the grand scheme of things they are of high importance when in reality they are a pair mentally ill people parading the grandiose foolishness of their corpulent egos on the blogosphere.

    I will give Tothian credit for one thing however. Calling Lord Malignance out for being a glory hound. Keep begging for your 15 minutes of fame LM. Keep groveling for that know..the one that you keep berrating others for supposedly doing themselves. KEEP CROUCHING LIKE SOME PANDERING TOOL for the masses to gawk at. It's exactly how a sycophant like you would behave.

  16. Anonymous,
    You should conceal your identity - that was embarrassing. To begin;

    The conversation between Marc and Oneself is between gentlemen, and w/out a name or honor, you are unworthy to comment.

    You attempt to draw comparison between Oneself and Tothian. But Tothian as you know, is a superhero, from a group like the New York Initiative. You transparently attempt to draw my questioning heroes, to Tothian, but this is a false and weak argument. The Jack Cero argument "...but you can't question superheroes". You can, you really should. But by your cowardice, and employing this weakling strategem, you reveal yourself to be another superhero coward. One could spike this thread with anonymous comments - like you, but to what purpose? To be as weak? Villains do not fear heroes, but heroes Do fear Villains - because we ask honest questions.

    One portrays a character to convey a message. The message "Villainy" is that heroes should be questioned. Your attempt to question sanity is purile and transparent to your purpose, and discounted as a childs misdirection.

    Lastly, the purpose of wearing a helmet obviates a hunt for fame. One does nothing more here then defend the questions One posed originally. That Heroes should be questioned and the validity of questioning heroes. No search for fame, as you would hope, to drag me down to the level of superheroes. That you lose your composure and start ranting in capitals ("shouting") tells me that you are so very personally frightened of honest questions. Of Villains. And of,

    -Lord Malignance
    You WILL crouch

  17. Don't any of you have better things to do than offer rebuttal ad nasuem? Seriously.

    -knight owl

  18. Knight Owl,

    Don't be frightened: This isn't rebuttal - it's a conversation. That's what comments are for. As a conversation, now that you've posted (thank you for using a name), you've served in the Military, yes? Thank you for your service. You know then, what guns do - what their purpose IS. What do you think of the superhero "Superhero" carrying a gun on playtime crime patrol, and advocating that other heroes do the same? Understanding that guns serve only one purpose - two if you count the intimidation of citizens that the carrier might do the first.

    This is a conversation, not a rebuttal, and your reply will also not be considered a rebuttal. Seriously, no wonder superheroes are scared all the time. Whenever anyone tries to ask questions, they think they're being attacked.

    -Lord Malignance

  19. There is no fear of you LM but rather great pity for your blatant ignorance. The movement called RLSH or that of costumed charity contributers has grown and continues to do so but not because of people like you but in spite of people like you.

    No wonder you portray yourself so outlandishly. You can't stand the thought of NOT being the crux of all that is. You are addicted to your 15 minutes of fame for the sake of your "character". Continue groveling - it's moderately amusing.

  20. Anonymous,

    You will note, One answers truthfully, fully, and reasonably, and Only when referenced. The RLSH has grown? More fractious, and at each other's throats, for what scraps of fame they may pursue. Zeta vs Jones, RLSH vs - everyone, Heroes Network - do they even exist anymore? New York Reavers against RLSH? "Master Legend: Greatest RLSH" - a laughing stock for his exposed intolerant views. "Tothian: Leader of the RLSH" - president of the Heroes Network - a pariah for his own actions. Silver Sentinel, free of the ego morass. What hand of Villainy in any of this? None whatsoever - all done by your own hands, heroes.

    "People like me" - you mean "Concerned Citizens" who you relentlessly attack anonymously for having the temerity of asking fair questions about documented hero behavior.

    Again, though you attack anonymously, One reasonably conducts a conversation, so that ideas and concerns may be expressed. No search for fame, as you would claim. Perhaps you think to link One to superheroes - who DO strive to be included in interviews, Magazine/newspaper articles, or spotlights. One has not, nor seeks any of these. Compare that to heroes, and think twice before making that claim against Oneself. You are incorrect on the facts, and exposed as a liar. And more than likely another cowardly superhero.

    Are there no Men Superheroes? They send only children who hide anonymously and run away? Or oafs (Knight Owl) who seek to end conversation to hide their secrets? Or embarrassments who claim divine right to judge mankind (Tothian)?

    -Lord Malignance
    You Will Crouch.

  21. There is no one left because responding to the dick measuring challenge is a waste of time and effort. Unless a RLSH/X-Alts/R.O.A.C.H./RLSV is going to show up at my door step, there is no reason why anyone should respond. Who the fuck is "Lord Malignance" that people should give him the power of judgment? Lord Malignance's opinions are just as valuable as scribblings in a bathroom stall. All anyone has to do is wipe, flush, and walk away.

  22. Tothian,

    While you acknowledge ignorance of Oneself, One does know something of you it seems; From your Blogtalk confession of Tobasco torture, Amazonia Kicking Punishment Video, your crude emails to Villainesses, your comments of not "measuring up" and allusions to a bathroom stall above - you have always been upfront about your unhappiness in having been born male. Where you would now seek to have One add punishment to you for your ArchAngels/Truck-Stop-Prostitutes/Public Embarrassments pursuits, One will instead give you encouragement for you choosing your new lifestyle with Master Legend. Two points of advice; 1) Establish a "Safe Word". No means No. 2) Master Legend's "Iron Fist" is not a toy: Use 911 in case of emergencies.

    -Lord Malignance
    (Are there No Men superheroes? Send your women then, but no more children to fight your battles)

  23. Pointing out my character flaws does not change the fact that Lord Malignance's opinions have no value. Lord Malignace knows his words are meaningless. And Lord Malignance knows that his opinions have no bearing on the RLSH/X-Alts/R.O.A.C.H./RLSV. Please stick to re-posting articles. Recycling articles seems to be Lord Malignance's forte.

  24. Marc, Manchester UKJune 26, 2011 at 2:04 AM

    My apologies Lord Malignance. I used the word 'wanker' when I should have simply stated 'tosser'.

  25. Marc,Manchester UK,

    Apologies accepted. We could gibber back and forth at your pleasure;

    however this would only diminish the value of work here, and we would be poor guests.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter,
    -Lord Malignance