Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Real Life Super Heroes are already beginning to congregate in the city of San Diego to enjoy Comic Con related events and prepare for HOPE 2011, a large scale homeless outreach program. The event was organized by Razorhawk who solicited donations and put a year worth of work into the event. The result is about 200 backpacks filled with supplies for the handout and a crew of 30 some RLSH attending to help him.

I will be there myself to give Razorhawk a hand and report on the weekend's events. I've met Razorhawk twice before, and other RLSH I've previously met attending include Thanatos, Knight Owl and Geist. Many others I'm familiar with and have written about here on the blog including Anonyman,DC's Guardian, Superhero, Miss Fit (see previous entry), and members of the Xtreme Justice League and the Black Monday Society. There will be many others and I am looking forward to meeting them all.

Besides the hand out, there will be patrols, a screening of the RLSH doc Superheroes at the Comic Con,some media, and some down time enjoying San Diego.
I won't be reporting daily like I did for my Vancouver trip- not enough time- but I will after my return home.


And while I'm in San Diego, Milwaukee's RLSH team- The Challengers- will be conducting their own HOPE event handing out supplies to the homeless in Milwaukee and Madison, WI.


One person who won't be attending the event is Phoenix Jones. Jones' history with the RLSH (Jones calls himself a RCSM- Rain City Superhero Movement) has often been contentious and filled with drama. This clash of egos led HOPE organizer Razorhawk to agonize over whether to let him attend- and have several people that don't get along with him drop out- or to ask that he not be present. It was not an easy decision for him.

Internet whispering then suggested Jones might show up and crash the event in San Diego. That seemed far fetched, so I asked Jones himself via Facebook message.


You can read this letter in its entirety below.

HOPE 2011

I WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING SO I AM GOING TO TURN THE CAPS OFF AND USE PUNCTUATION. Hope 2011 is an event run by Razor Hawk that will be taking place in California. At my request, a news publication that recently featured me provided a majority of the funding for Hope 2011. I assumed I would be able to attend the event and be able to help with the homeless outreach but I am the only superhero that has been banned from this event. I've never communicated with Razor Hawk directly, but I've heard via a third party that I am too controversial because I confront criminals directly and detain when necessary until the police arrive.

When I first became a superhero I was excited about joining the RLSH community and was quickly disappointed when I was banned before I ever even had a chance to make a post. I was notified by email the reason for my exile from the online community is because I lie about my deeds and there was no proof I was actually fighting crime. I would be fine with that if everyone else on the site had to prove their actions as well, but they are taken at their word. In the past few months through news media sources, guest patrols with other RLSHs, video, Phoenix Cam, and police it has been proven I patrol on a regular basis with a purpose to fight crime and stop acts of violence. I am offended that I am still ridiculed and put down by this community. I have more documentation and actual crime interventions than any other 'superhero' other than Master Legend of course.

I have not participated in the online bashing and gossip that consumes a lot of superhero's lives. But there has been media publications quoting me saying less than favorable things about certain members of the RLSH and of that I am guilty. Most of the comments I have made come from feelings of resentment that have arisen from being so discriminated against by the community. I have identified myself as a Rain City Superhero Movement member as opposed to an RLSH for three reason: 1, Certain members of the RLSH hacked my FB and deleted it and told me not to use the RLSH term because I was not one. 2, Most of the RLSH I know focus on humanitarian work and crime fighting second. 3, RLSH is a broad term and I wanted something more city specific to what we needed in Seattle.

I have always felt that the most effective outreaches are done in safe environments. I know a RLSH in Seattle who was robbed of his handout food during an outreach. If they would target him, I can only imagine what they do to the people receiving the food after I have left. If I am able to take away the violent offenders in these areas our homeless outreaches will be a lot more effective.

The point of this message is that we are all masked human beings trying to better the environment that we live in, each in our own specific areas of expertise. Hating each other, bickering and slandering, and banning people from events is ridiculous (I will enclose links that support my statements). It just minimizes our effectiveness, corrupts the message, and takes up valuable time that we could be using on the streets. I have tried my best to stay out of this drama but from this point on I am not participating in any way, shape, or form. I think its important to live your message, so here it is, I AM SORRY.

I am sorry if I have said bad things to you directly, I am sorry if I have sad bad things behind your back, I am sorry if you haven't understood or were offended by my crime fighting methods. But most of all, I am sorry that we had to make this public. I forgive anyone who has said anything bad about me. From here on out all slates are clean as far as I am concerned. We are fighting each other when we should be fighting the evil in this world.


  1. Phoenix Jones does not bash RLSH on forums and Facebook. Phoenix Jones instead uses every media interview to bash RLSH in public. After months of making fun and slandering RLSH he expects to be invited to RLSH events? He had over a year to fix things with RLSH. Phoenix Jones waits two weeks before the event to complain about not being invited? Even this apologize is filled with backhanded insults.
    Phoenix Jones: You have spent your time bragging how you are better than everyone. You used every opportunity to promote yourself and put down other people. You have never tried to mend fences. When there is an issue, you send your friends to fight your battles. After months of bashing RLSH on your Facebook account and in the media you expect to be welcomed with open arms? Why is HOPE 2011 important to you? Do you see it as another opportunity for media attention? Being in GQ magazine is not enough for you? Other people have worked hard at creating events, but you want those opportunities for yourself. HOPE2011 is Razorhawk's event, not yours. Your half-hearted, back-handed, apologize is too little and too late.

  2. One is appalled at the shameful actions of superheroes.

    It's disgraceful how so many superheroes have attacked this man who claims that he too wants to play superhero. As Jones testifies in his words above, he has been a victim of real life superheroes Hacking his Facebook account, of being discriminated against, Banning, Lies, Slander, Bickering, gossip, being put down, made to prove his claims when others are not, and being witness to how superheroes gossip more than helping people and how much rampant Hate they have for each other.

    One is only a humble Villain, and as despicable and Evil as One is, would never participate in a sustained campaign of such vileness as has been and IS being used against Phoenix Jones. No, when true shameless actions are found, it is always the product of superheroes.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. Phoenix,
    Why would you even want to attend, if NOT for the media attention? You've been quoted from heaven to hell saying that "Handing out food is admirable, but it's not what superheroes do." Somehow I have a feeling that A- you didn't write the apology- it was far too literate. I don't mean to insult you, but let's face it, we've all seen that you're not exactly an expert at the english language, and B) This apology stems from a lost media opportunity. You've had people ask, advise, and even confront you more directly over the past year asking that you stop giving damaging interviews, to stop being so confrontational on the street, and it's fallen on deaf ears until just before HOPE 2011, a major event?
    And get over yourself Lord Mal- you're a villian, you thrive on this and if it didn't happen of it's own accord, you would create the drama yourself.


  5. I guess I don't understand why PJ is being banned... Are they worried about it being to publicized, or do they think he smears the RLSH name? He seems like an alright guy. Yeah, he's gotten a lot of attention, and he's a bit cocky, but I can't say I necessarily blame him. People shouldn't be threatening to drop out if he attends- That's high school party drama, guys. If it's for a good cause, then it shouldn't matter who is there, as long as they're all reaching for the same thing. The point of this isn't to clash egos, but to help the homeless. If Phoenix is willing to do that, then why not let him?

  6. Also, I'm not blaming Razor Hawk - that's a lot of pressure to put on him, and I'm sure he'd feel responsible if people didn't attend because he allowed someone in that they didn't approve of. I'm more saying that no one should be threatening to drop out of an event that's supposed to be for charity.

  7. Anonymous,
    Phoenix Jones was invited to join He did not. Instead Red Dragon posted pages upon pages of why Phoenix Jones would not join a forum. It is frustrating to send invitations and call Phoenix Jones because Phoenix Jones uses those times to talk about how great Phoenix Jones is. Phoenix Jones treated Razorhawk like Razorhawk was an idiot and not has great as Phoenix Jones. I don't know what world we live in where a person can talk shit to people but then expect to be treated like well afterwards.
    This is the pattern with Phoenix Jones. He runs his mouth like a fool and then complains when people don't want him around. And when Phoenix Jones runs his mouth he has other people to defend him. He ran his mouth from the beginning trying to punk RLSH. Maybe he does this because of his amateur MMA background where a person has to promote himself. Maybe Phoenix Jones thought that the Superhero stuff was just like promoting a MMA fight, where you punk and ridicule your opponents. But there is a difference between complaining about people on forums and crying to reporters. Phoenix Jones uses RLSH to promote himself. He has spun the RLSH community as a villainous group that is his enemy. RLSH team up with him, like Thanatos, and still he tears down RLSH.
    If Phoenix Jones was not a RLSH, then why is he butthurt over not attending RLSH functions? Phoenix Jones is upset because Superheroes the Movie was playing at Comic-Con. There is going to be at least 3 or 4 different documentary crews and news stations covering Hope 2011. Phoenix Jones is going to miss out on that. Justice will finally be done because Razorhawk will finally get his day in the sun. Razorhawk deserves so much more then what he has been given. Razorhawk is a friend to everyone and supports anyone. Razorhawk has worked tirelessly on Hope 2011. It would be unjust if Phoenix Jones came down and took credit for Hope 2011. Phoenix Jones is trying to take credit for Hope 2011 already.
    Phoenix Jones has said that giving sandwiches to homeless people is not heroic. Why would Phoenix Jones want to take part in any effort to help street people? Phoenix Jones believes it is a waste of his time. Phoenix Jones has said that Superheroes should be about fighting crime. Hope 2011 should be beneath his time.
    What I predict is that Phoenix Jones is going to cry some more about not being at Hope 2011. Phoenix Jones is going to cry that he was discriminated against for being a true crime fighter. There are many RLSH who fight crime, like the NYI. The New York Initiative have stopped hard drug dealers and done so without a camera present. The NYI have proactively worked toward bettering Brooklyn by removing actual criminal elements with intelligence and hard work. The NYI are working to create programs to help prostitutes defend themselves. What programs have Phoenix Jones initiated? What does Phoenix Jones even stand for other than “I fight crime and I am a bad ass?” No, Phoenix Jones will cry foul again and again until there is no more RLSH other than what is in Seattle. This is why there are so many people using the term X-Alts than RLSH. Phoenix Jones has turned RLSH culture into an embarrassment. Phoenix Jones had no care or concern with the content of what he was saying. Phoenix Jones has no love or passion for RLSH, only for himself.

  8. Garbage people treat others like garbage. The cycle begins anew. No end nor truth in sight. It's endless.


  10. Phoenix Jones,
    You've made your post at 9:19 pm. Should you not be on patrol? Is the internet needing a Jones Patrol? Where is Red Dragon? He is much better at over explaining why people should not talk about Phoenix Jones.

  11. Please respect the TK enough to not turn his blog post into a personal battleground. I'm sure you got your own blog where you can continue abuse your keyboard.


  12. The civil war among the heroes has started!

  13. Phoenix Jones,

    I wish you no ill and I applaud the effort you take to mend things with the RLSH community. But there is a problem. You wrote "From here on out all slates are clean as far as I am concerned".
    sadly this isn't the case.

    Your statements about the RLSH-community in the past will be saved in digital form untill who knows.
    Every RLSH media-interview that is featured on a online news website will pop up when people interested in the RLSH-community go on a search on the internet.

    A lesson for us all, when communicating with media (off and online) take care in the words you chose.
    Your words can do a lot of harm even years after you have spoken them.

    I hope all goes well for you and take care,

    Iron Lamb

  14. Banning Phoenix Jones from Hope2011 sends the wrong message.

    If you knew that there were friction between certain individuals then wouldn't it be better to have these individuals try to attempt to work out their differences before hand so all could attend? Are you not all adults? This silly, "Well if he is coming than I am not", ultimatums make you all sound like children.

    Let me ask a question here. Has anyone reached out to Phoenix Jones to see if he was interested in attending? (Before now of course) Has anyone expressed the concerns to him that certain individuals would not be pleased with his company? Did anyone actually reach out to him to get his side of these stories? Did anyone do anything of the sort?

    It sounds to me that someone just made a decision to black list Mr... Jones from this event with out actually taking the time to research any of the claims certain individuals made against him. Mister Jones you are Guilty by Hear Say, therefore not allowed to attend the event, Sorry... That is the impression that I perceive and it is not a very flattering message to be sending out.


  15. What goes around, comes around.

  16. D.K.S.P.,
    People have reached out to him. Both Dark Guardian and Razorhawk has reached out to him, only get the proverbial "slap in the face" by Phoenix Jones.

  17. People.

    Look at what has happened here.

    There are two subjects of this post. Everyone here chose to bitch about Phoenix Jones instead.

    He's equal to the rest of the RLSH community, and he's apples and oranges to the NYI. Check out both of their facebook pages... PJ gets a lot of (slightly illiterate) superhero-obsessed or pop-culture obsessed individuals posting on his, and the NYI gets a lot of intellectual, analytical types posting on theirs.

    Now tell me... who can last very long in a pop-culture world? Why not just let him enjoy the fourteen minutes of fame he has left?

    And RLSH... really, guys. No matter how right you are, you have to realize that you look dumb calling a guy out over the internet.

  18. To the last comment: One points out only that your assertion that "everyone here chose to bitch about Phoenix Jones" is incorrect. One specifically allowed that if Phoenix Jones wants to dress up and play superhero with his little friends, then they should let him. The playground is big enough for all the children to play.

    That's right - wait for it: Victory for Villainy.

    -Lord Malignance

  19. Oh were you talking again? I never read your posts. Does anyone?

  20. Last Anonymous,
    Plenty (no kidding) from New York. It must be either that timid wall flower Jack Cero, or citizens interested in the analysis that the New York Initiative ("New York Reavers") are protecting and supporting the Pimp Industry. Pimp you ask? Yes, the women do not receive the bulk of benefits for their services. And the number one export of the Pimp Industry is women to other countries in slavery. Throw in drugs, and it's dirty all around. It has always been dangerous to be a prostitute. The best solution is to seek to decrease prostitution, not to continue to support the true human misery it traffics in.

    So the question is still - If some superheroes are supporting illegal activities in New York, and seeking to be recognized for their contributions to a horrific fate for many women, why can't Phoenix Jones brawl with innocent citizens in Seattle? Invite him to Hope Event or not - that's entirely Razor Hawk's call. And no more than that. The dice rolls again tomorrow, and some new circus event will appear.

    Long Term, this will all be forgotten in a month.

    -Lord Malignance
    And you may all Crouch!

  21. Well if a new circus does come to town Lord Malignance they'll have you as the perfect ASS CLOWN to participate in it.

    Long term your positive contributions as much to the world are as important as a pocket full of lint. Crawl back to your blog you long winded stooge.

  22. That second one wasn't me. But still an apt assessment.


  23. Heh. To the previous Anonymous - not bad. It IS however misdirection - you don't challenge any of my assertions, you only pick issue with character. Therefore it seems you agree with what One has said, just that you wish One wouldn't say it - to hide the sordid shame of superheroes. Nice try.

    (the Zero) Jacqueline! You timid wall flower - you always hide in the back in those pictures. Here you hide behind another poster with "yeah, what the other guy said". One thinks this speaks to some weakness you seek to hide? Perhaps you are not all you claim to be - a little shy in the ability to express yourself? What deep seated trauma in your childhood fosters this exploitable weakness? Come Jack, let us talk superheroes (a subject you might have heard of) and let us find how deep the scar in your psyche goes. New York Reavers, Phoenix Jones, Hope Event, Razor Hawk, Yourself and your objectives, or Me and mine. Whatever topic you wish and we'll see how the self promoting Intellectual Powerhouse of superheroes fares against one lone Villainous businessman. You certainly can't embarrass yourself in front of others.

    -Lord Malignance

  24. IMO I think Razorhawk (and everyone else that's worked tirelessly to put together this event) has every right to include/seclude those that deem as damaging to their cause. That being said, why on earth would they invite someone that has continued to make disparaging remarks about the RLSH?
    HOPE 2011 is a venue in which the awareness of homelessness and community outreach should be the focus; not another platform for the Almighty Guy in Outlandish Gold to trip over himself in his attempts to perform circus acts for the world to see. The dude has a PR guy- if that doesn't just scream at you "media whore", you're either delusional or on drugs; maybe both.
    I don't think one of the above statements referred as much to your capitalization in type as it does to your inability to spell, Phoenix, but you wouldn't get that. Those of us within the community know that your charitable "contributions" were not given by you, but by Peter in your name. You can't afford a keyboard, remember? Does it matter if you lie? Absolutely. Heroism isn't about the name you call yourself but the inner integrity. Heroism is all about performing selfless acts of kindness, not tooting your own horn. You keep asking people to "be a man and reveal who they are"- for what purpose? So we can then be harassed by your group for having an opinion that is not somehow branded by you?
    Great apology Pete, but the damage has been done. RLSH used to stand for something, but the media brought to it by PJ has turned it into a joke. His facebook followers fit into a category of underage idolworshippers, or lower-class day-dreamers that fantasize about being a comic book superhero with special powers. Legitimate businesses/individuals will no longer make a donation if using Superheroes as a gimmick towards any cause. The legitimacy of what we do died with his birth. Thank You.

  25. D.K.S.P.,

    Phoenix Jones crying to the media again about his woes.


  27. For the record I had nothing to do with Phoenix's letter, didn't know he was writing it and only discovered it'd been written when I came across it online. Also, any donations that Phoenix has made were not funded by me. I have raised money through the project, 100% (and then some) has either funded RLSH activities or been donated to causes they've been involved in. None of that money raised has found it's way to PJ. Phoenix is one of a handful who have supported the project's water well fundraiser, he's donated personally and directed some money from others to the cause. I do the same what is called here "PR Guy" stuff for many RLSH, many have taken advantage of this offer and I continue to support them. If you call it wrong when it's done for PJ you should know it's done for dozens of others. If you are concerned that I did not post this, email me and ask if I did & I'll confirm it.


  28. @ Tothian
    That link was actually from a facebook post. I have seen it many times and it does not reflect, as you say “Phoenix Jones crying to the media”. It is a well written statement that gets to the heart of the matter.

    Phoenix has extended the olive branch, whether those accept or not is up to them. I applaud Phoenix’s efforts through all this to still reach out to the RLSH community even though some have made it clear they do not want him around. That my friend is the true courage of a hero.


  29. I will state here that I tried to apologize to PJ in PM. I didn't want to bring any of this nasty business out into the waking world as its not appropriate. I have to stand by the decision I made, be it a good decision or a bad one. Thats what a man does.

    I will not berate the man, and I will not trivialize what he does.

  30. Malignance: Yeah let's prove how many people really DON'T give a shit about the stuff you rant on about. Just like your arch. No. One. Cares.

    Get a job.


  32. I recanted the apology because I was met with a bunch of arrogant rhetoric. That doesn't take away the fact that I tried to apologize. You will notice in my last post that I said I tried to apologize. Read my words. When the apology was slammed back into my face I withdrew it.

  33. D.K.S.P. Says:
    How many times did the door slam in Phoenix Jones Face!? Come on now. Just think, this could have all been prevented with simple communication. I hope that all parties can reconcile and that there has not been any irreversible damage. Like I stated before, the olive branch has been extended; are you going to try to make amends or are you going to look the other way?

    What is done is done. You have a decision to make now.

  34. What can I say, a lot of different motivations for RLSH. Some just want to wear spandex, others is trying to make a difference. I find it hard to get along with those of extreme alturistic personality some times. But the RLSH with narsisistic personality disorders can be impossible to interract with unless you like to kiss ass.

    Some causes is just lost.