Thursday, July 14, 2011

HERO PROFILE #75: Miss Fit

Operates out of: Los Angeles

: body building, humanitarian work

Quote: "I'm a professional bodybuilder and filmmaker. Fascinated with superheroes, I want to find out what it takes to become one. Born and raised on the mean streets of Brooklyn, I'm street smart and tough as nails. Currently residing in the city of Lost Angels."

Author notes: Next weekend I will be attending HOPE 2011 in San Diego, which coincides with the San Diego Comic Con. HOPE is a large meet up of 30 some RLSH who will hand out backpacks filled with supplies to the homeless.

I'll be meeting up with several RLSH I've met before and many more I have not. One of the people I'm excited to meet is the muscular Miss Fit. After we conduct an interview session in San Diego, I have challenged Miss Fit to an arm wrestling contest. It is all in good fun, and the loser of the match will pay $20.00 to a charity of their choice. This match will be recorded for the ages so Heroes in the Night readers will be able to see it in the future. See you in San Diego!


  1. Good luck, Tea. She looks like she might be able to kick your butt.

  2. Tea Krulos,

    If you wish advice on beating heroes, you have a few in your audience practiced in this skill. You have but to say, and we'll begin researching "Over the Top" for any secrets that may be gleaned. Don't forget to turn your baseball cap around backwards before you compete.

    It never hurts to begin psyching her out now. Claim that you used to Arm Wrestle for Pink Slips a few years ago - and reference a name you wrestled by. When you finally meet, to undermine her confidence, say something vague yet personal about her appearance (short, smaller than you imagined, older than you thought, etc). It's vile to do, yes, but effective. As the battle begins, try bellowing really loud - or screaming: It might startle her, and give you a chance. If you are called on it, claim it was a "Warrior's Battle Cry" and never agree to a rematch under any circumstances.

    Evil Luck,
    -Lord Malignance

  3. "filmmaker" yeah.... ok right.

  4. @ Lord Malignance.. Your advice to say Tea arm wrestled for pink slips.. not such a good idea. I believe the most advanced wheeled mode transportation Tea owns is a long board. (He doesn't own a car does he?)

    @ Poop Knife.. Miss Fit and her husband do actually do film work. (Any past career choices are in the past. A southern gentlemen should be gracious, sir.)

  5. Silver Sentinel,
    Shhhhh. We're being sneaky. Ruling the "Wrasslin Circuit" for pink slips sounds much more intimidating that "swappin' skateboards". Besides, he's in an urban landscape. Cars are probably more trouble than they're worth. Any ideas on (as henchmen say) "the action"? What are the odds on someone crying afterwards? I'm going with 20 Blog Simoleons on "Tears of Defeat". Any takers?
    -Lord Malignance

  6. When you are gripping up for the match, angle your hand down so that your fingers are pointing down at her hand. Then descend until your index and thumb encircle the ball of her hand, base of her thumb. Grip that and then complete your grip on the rest of her hand. You should have a good chance that way, you're a pretty big guy. Muscles aren't everything. I've beaten guys twice my size, and I've only ever been beaten by a 5 foot 4 mexican man in a bar in Brooklyn.


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