Friday, July 1, 2011


XJL at a Boys and Girls Club in San Diego. Back row, L-R: Vigilante Spider, Urban Avenger, Orange Cricket, Rouroni, Radnor, Mr. Xtreme



--San Diego

Members of the Xtreme Justice League (pictured above) recently paid a visit to a Boys and Girls Club in San Diego. There Mr. Xtreme delivered the message "Stay in school. Stay off drugs. Listen to your parents." The team then fielded questions from the quizzical kids for about 12 minutes, assuring them that they couldn't fly, among other things.


Phoenix Jones of the Rain City Superhero Movement also recently stopped in at a Community Center where the kids were celebrating what looks like a superhero themed day. Jones was there to remind kids that in case of an emergency they should dial 911. A short video clip of the appearance was posted on his Facebook page.


  1. Is that guy really dressed as a giant cricket..? *maskpalm*

    I do find it ironic that Phoenix Jones was the person they picked to tell kids about dialing emergency. Did he also tell them to ignore crime unless a professional film crew is present? This doesn't seem like a very sound idea, though. Boys and Girls Clubs are usually in place to give kids shit to do after school, keeping them out of the streets where they are bound to find trouble. Letting these delusional activist types give a "you can do this too" speech to kids when their hobbies include getting shot at is irresponsible at best and at the very least is counterproductive to keeping said 'kids' out of said 'trouble'. Maybe they'll have a Kick-Ass movie night next.

  2. Well the two in the front look like a fun bunch of goofy do gooders that would tell me to listen to mom and dad. The ones in the back look like a buncha Moe's trying to make me watch their movie.. less Orange Cricket.

    Can I rent Orange Cricket for an afternoon?

  3. I think the two in the front were the adults in charge of the kids, they are dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Spongebob.

    My question is, since these guys have "secret identities", how do they really know at all who they are and if they should be around kids? seems a bit irresponsible.

    I'm surprised Urban Avenger isn't trying to rub up on the girl dressed as Mermaid Man, he does love "the ladies"

  4. What exactly is with all the shit talking? Is there a problem with what these individuals do?

  5. As much as this is a group of radicals that are often misunderstood, their basis is in the defense of the people when there aren't cops around. They act mostly as fight-breakers and witnesses, and sport cameras to aid in the police's duties. They do not advocate going out and fighting crime, but to assist the local law enforcement in their job.