Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's been awhile since I've written on Nadra Enzi aka Captain Black, but it recently caught my eye that he has a comic version of himself out there. The comic, Captain Black #1, was created by Enzi and artist Tya Keith of Pendeka Press. It features some background on Captain Black and then launches into a story about the Captain confronting a crew of villains and bounty hunters. It looks like issue 2 is currently in the works.
The comic is $10 for a print version, $2 for a digital download:

The Captain also maintains a blog here-
His most recent column is a great explanation about what he does as a RLSH and is reprinted below.


In real life superhero (RLSH) terms I've literally fought folks Phoenix Jones style; did crime prevention speeches like the retired Citizen Prime and made coalitions the way Silver Sentinel does.

Toss in regular food giveaways in the tradition of Life and my Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops effort and you pretty much have my RLSH menu.

The topic of what makes RLSH "real" rears its pointy head periodically, usually in the wake of national publicity.

I address this topic periodically so here's the latest opinion:

There's no pecking order among RLSH and extreme altruists (X-ALTS). Those imposing them are limiting a limitless concept. Free people can express their vision of creative activism without bias.

It's not a zero sum choice between crime fighting verses unconventional philanthropy.

The only choice is what kind of creative activism you select.

My choices to date include:

* Regularly buying food for the homeless at a Canal St. fast food restaurant off its dollar menu- remember, I'm saving my part of the world on a sneaker-string budget (lol).

* Giving cold bottles of water to New Orleans Downtown Development District (DDD) street custodians and public safety rangers; police and hotel valets on scorching days.

* (Along with two other concerned citizens) pulling an abusive boyfriend off the woman and child in a stroller he'd struck until officers arrived.

* I've also stopped two separate suicide attempts this year.

Which actions are more "real" than others?


NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes finding your " super" through creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and political advocacy.


  1. One has great earned respect for Captain Black, but would question the premise "Free people can express their vision of creative activism without bias" and "Which actions are more "real" than others? None". Without standards, and agreed upon purpose, anyone claiming the title is afforded the same value by association; Glory hounds, vigilantes, stalkers, psychics, gender preference bigots, armed with firearms, and birthday clowns. They're all "real". Tothian and Dangerman are both "real". They're both legitimate and equal examples of superheroes. This is why Citizens helping are individuals and held to their individuality, and police are held to group standards and expectations for proper behavior.

    Superheroes claiming to enforce any kind of moral authority on citizens are acting and by their getups demonstrating their association in groups. Yet these groups are then to be held to no standards? With respect, what has been the American history of Groups of masked men, enforcing their own interpretation of right and wrong on citizens? Vigilantes who act on their own mistaken ideas of being the only ones with moral superiority? It's never been a good history.

    -Lord Malignance

  2. Good points Oh "evil" one, particularly the Klan concerns. This was my latest take on the " More-Super-Than-Thou " attitude some creative activists have, not a blanket endorsement of costumed coups over individual liberty!

    My thanks as usual...

  3. Thank you for recognizing Tya Keith's vision of my creative activism! He's taken what I do to the next dimension.

  4. Captain Black,

    Thank you. You are a superhero that One respects. Please keep doing what you're doing, and don't let life (or Villains) ever try and keep you down.

    You caught that reference by the way! Yes, America (and we love her) has a troubling history when people work outside the law for their own vision of a "proper" social order.

    History tells us, the threat always comes with the smiling face of someone we trust, shiny gifts, and promises to only ever do good. You know this better than most: We as citizens must remain vigilant, question authority, and hold those in power to answer. We do not compromise, we do not give up, and we never accept being told what's best for us. Even if it comes from the smiling faces of superheroes - those who hand out sandwiches, and those that carry taped up ax handles, stun batons, concealed firearms, ninja throwing stars, and use their masks and weapons to intimidate, suppress and frighten citizens.

    With Respect you have earned many times over,
    -Lord Malignance

  5. Wow you saved two peoples lives that's some pretty heroic stuff.

    Those of us that give to charity may not be as interesting as dressing up and fighting crime but both types are doing something to make this a better world.